Nurse Practitioner, Evolved Science

Brooke Steiger spent nine years treating cancer patients at Sloane Kettering, where she became fascinated by integrative medicine. And so she leaped.

Fast forward to present, where Brooke practices on the cutting edge of medicine, working through a lens of restoration and vitality at Evolved Science, “the wellness practice of the future” on NYC’s Fifth Avenue. She specializes in helping women get their bodies back to baseline using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, along with integrative nutritional and preventive therapies to sidestep the yuck that comes with the inevitability of aging.

Brooke has worked in rehabilitation, and on the surgical side, specializing in cardiac and occupational health. Blog Talk Radio says Brooke “...delves into every aspect of her patient’s life (diet, exercise, stress past medical history, current medications and supplements) to create an integrative plan to fit her needs.”

At Campowerment, she’s got lots to say about how to keep the aging train from running away from you.