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Father’s Day for those Without

Denna Babul is an author and public speaker who tragically lost her father at the age of 13. She later went on to write the poignant book “The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives”. She’s coming to Campowerment in September 2018 to help women transform a difficult past into a thriving […]

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Experts @ Daybreak: Heather Berg

Heather Berg is a South Florida-based yoga instructor and deliciously loving and intuitive human who’s been to Campowerment on both Coasts and is back to join us Sept 2018 to lead yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard yoga. She inspires us, so we’re connecting her to YOU, with a look into the ins-and-outs of her day-to-day, […]

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Get There

By: Barbara Palmer, Camper

Bring a Friend to Camp. Or Don’t. But Get There.

The first time I went to Campowerment, I went with two friends. Not best friends but women who knew me, knew enough of my history and soul that I thought we would have a common experience that would bond us further. Connect […]

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