“Everyone - even my dog, who's training to be a therapy dog - needs a growth plan.”

Chia Chia is a women’s health entrepreneur, CEO and taboo abolisher. Her three graduate degrees (master’s in genetics, master’s in bioethics and MBA in corporate finance) culminated in a career spent mostly in the pharmaceutical industry and now as the brains behind Damiva, a women’s health company that makes natural menopausal products.

Trained as a clinician and genetic cancer researcher, she’s an Expert at presenting data and giving risk. Chia Chia has developed expertise and a wealth of knowledge about the importance of hormonal health at every stage of life.

She loves to share her knowledge and use it to break down taboos and change the ways in which we make products for women, interact in our daily relationships and portray women in media. As an invited member of Hollywood, Health & Society — the organization that consults to Hollywood about portrayal of medical issues — Chia Chia’s expertise is being disseminated across the entertainment industry

Now, Chia Chia’s coming to Campowerment to talk menopause and vaginal health in the long-term. With Damiva, she sets out to make menopause more fun, which makes her a natural fit for this community. (Pun intended!).