“Give to the food and the food gives back.”

Debra calls herself a “Cooking Therapist” because of the fascinating way she can help you cook through life’s challenges and uncover patterns in behaviors and communication through the culinary arts.

She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a celebrated, three-time Author, her most recent book being “Cook Your Marriage Happy” (2018), the first of her “Cook Yourself Happy” series. Deb’s essays have made their mark in Women’s Health Magazine and the New York Times.

A pioneer in this emerging field of Cooking Therapy, Debra, who calls herself “the Sous Therapist,” triple-dips in the creative communities of mental health professionals, writers and foodies…and we’re excited to welcome her into the Campowerment community, too!

At Campowerment, she’s taking a new twist on the cooking demo, with interactive Workshops stuffed with puns and playful ways of thinking about how you approach life’s stuff, with food as the metaphor (and distraction so you can do less thinking about your thinking!). And that can leave you feeling full, in more ways than one!