“A family culture of giving is not about money donated, but simple acts of charity + thoughtfulness instituted together.”

It began 25 years ago as a kitchen table project for a local father/daughter group, and now, 25 years later, Diana has grown ArtWare For Good into a unique assembly of art-based initiatives that tap into the creativity of children and adults alike, building pride and self-esteem, and accomplishing worldly ambitions.

Diana’s mission to gather communities, to get creative so that they can create some good in the world has enabled her to work with  hundreds of institutions around the US and Canada, helping them to reach their fundraising and project goals, as well as building stronger and more creative teams thru her creative team bonding programs.

She’s also the founder of the Highland Women’s Collaborative – a think tank, mentoring and accountability group for women across various industries living and working in the Hudson Valley of New York. At the HWC Diana often facilitates Q-Storming, an uber-powerful brainstorming session powered by leading questions, not prescriptive answers. Diana brings her full suite of awesome skills to camp.