“I feel like it's my duty at this phase in my career, to express who I am and have people bake without intimidation.”

When speaking about can’t-miss desserts, no other name in Miami elicits a more passionate response than that of Hedy Goldsmith, a 2012 & 2013 James Beard Award finalist for the nationally-contested Outstanding Pastry Chef category. Her best-selling book, “Baking out Loud” has earned her accolades as one of the best dessert mavens in the land, blending nostalgic childhood treats with today’s sophisticated culinary tastes as her divine inspiration!

She’s the sweetest, and so are her heavenly creations (that are now taking on Los Angeles), including her world-famous “Junk in da Trunk Cookies,” Maple Bacon Pecan and Buttered Popcorn Ice Cream, and other quirky combinations of pure goodness. At Campowerment, Hedy leads a cooking demonstration and shares some of her Sweet Hedy love with our peeps.