“Everyone has a story, a path that they are on. If you wish to alter it, accessing your subconscious mind will create a path for change.”

Storytelling always fascinated Teresa. Human behavior intrigued her. Why do people say one thing and do another? Have you ever found yourself saying, “That was so out of character, why did I do that?” Why? Because we are humans–fascinating creatures. Teresa has spent a good portion of her life as an actor and earned a master’s degree from the American Repertory Theater at Harvard. She’s seasoned in dissecting characters to bring their stories to life. Becoming a hypnotherapist (aka behavioral therapist) was not far off the road she was already on.

Teresa was introduced to hypnotherapy at a holiday party that changed the trajectory of her life. She went on to train extensively with the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), the nationally accredited college of hypnosis. Now, she’s in the biz of being your detective, listening between the lines, observing as you share your story to discover the source of old thoughts, habits, and fears that block progress in key life areas. She empowers clients by altering their subconscious thoughts through therapeutic guided imagery to make effective behavioral changes that bring new perspective and sprout resolution within.

With Teresa, discover how to access the power of your mind to live a more balanced life full of clarity, hope, and possibilities.