“If you make people happy, proud, and inspired in who they are and how they show up in every area of their lives, they will produce better, bigger results. Happy people equal happy results, period.”

Shir brings more than 20 years of experience working with executives, teams, and organizations to increase performance and create organizational, personal, and financial growth. Throughout his career, Shir has focused on working with senior executives to expose and enhance their innate abilities to lead effectively. Shir combines his wide business experience in industries such as energy, engineering, chemical, petroleum, manufacturing, retail, financial, consulting, and service with the Handel Method® to enable executives and organizations to fulfill their goals and objectives. Shir is currently advising several executive teams and senior leaders on topics such as: Building Honest Cultures, Enhancing Organizational Success, Organizational Alignment, Leadership Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategy, and Talent Management & Development.

Shir is an expert in designing and implementing wide cultural initiatives that evolve an organization and its people. He works with and leads executive teams to impact the results of their organizations and enhance organizational alignment and productivity. Shir leads and supports senior executives in their goals to produce unprecedented success. Shir currently provides executive coaching to CEOs, Presidents, and CFOs of many firms across a wide range of industries.

Shir is a devoted partner who stays focused on results and who can motivate others to go the extra mile. Prior to working at the Handel Group, Shir was a management consultant as well as a partner and owner of a knowledge management consulting firm where he worked to enable organizations such as, UNFPA, Head Start, and PSEG to name a few, to design, develop, and implement knowledge sharing cultures and structures as well as enhance leadership and collaboration.