“Have the courage to be curious. We can only change what we are willing to see. ”

Adrienne Sanders Kaye’s life and career have been fueled by a fierce curiosity about the forces that shape our worlds – inner as well as outer. During her two-decades as a journalist for Forbes, the USA Today Network and other news organizations, she surfaced stories about hidden power dynamics in business, politics and criminal justice.

The same investigative spirit behind her reporting inspired her 20+ year study of a powerful personality map that reveals why we think, feel and act as we do. Known as the Enneagram, this map is a gateway to personal transformation, effective communication, and satisfying relationships.

Adrienne began her studies at a live workshop with Dave, her then-boyfriend, now husband of 18-years. She says the Enneagram has been like a “secret decoder ring” that has helped deepen their mutual understanding and respect.

Adrienne sharpened her practical Enneagram skills through Advanced Enneagram in Business Coaching Certification courses taught by Dr. Ginger Lapid-Bogda, a pioneering expert in the field.

Adrienne has also taught online, in person and is currently coaching individuals and partners. Combining a passion for this extraordinary system with professional communication skills, Adrienne helps clients breakthrough blind spots by asking the right questions, recognizing patterns, and spotting hidden motivations.

Adrienne works with women leaders, their partners and teams to find lasting fulfillment, joy and success – however they define it. Now she is delighted to introduce this “secret decoder ring” to the Campowerment community.