“Women who are lucky enough to live to their midlife will go through menopause; let's make the most of this time of life.”

In her past lives, Bridgett Garrett was an elementary school teacher (for almost two decades!) and then an actress, before realizing she was on a path without the kind of purpose or direction she craved.

After winding down her second career, she joined three fellow midlife women for a lunch that inspired her to make big moves: One of the lunch friends that day was preparing to begin her second career and was brimming with excitement over her next new adventure. Bridgett — and another luncher, Colleen Rosenblum — left that lunch yearning for something exciting to experience, ending her second career and ready to dive into new waters!

After airing their frustrations about the unwelcome occurrences midlife women face, the two — Bridgett and Colleen — decided to address the issues head-on. In July 2019, they birthed the idea for Hot Flashes and Cool Topics, a podcast to highlight the array of possibilities as well as health concerns for women in our demographic. Within three months, its debut episode was live!

On Hot Flashes and Cool Topics, the two and their guests talk about anything and everything to do with midlife, in discussions about topics from empty-nesting, finances, mental health, sexual health, beauty, lifestyle, and surviving abuse. They invite expert guests who give detailed interviews to keep us informed on the latest information to help in all aspects of life. (Sound familiar?! #synergy)

Above all else, these two want you to never believe you can’t learn after a certain age! They can’t wait to connect the dots between their learnings and those that constantly evolve within the Campowerment community. “Women of a certain age: unite!”