“What’s your story?”

Jennifer Lewis helps you find your story, craft it, tell it.  How to make it stick so that people remember it.  Get it to shine and sparkle.

Jenny is a Communications Coach who works with Fortune 500 clients all over the world – think Google, Facebook, Netflix, Salesforce, Visa, Clorox, Genentech, Levi Strauss, Sephora.  She weaves her story-spotting, dot-connecting, messaging magic so that YOU become a more confident, compelling communicator with stories that influence … and possibly even inspire.

She brings extensive international expertise, having coached executives and their teams throughout Europe, Asia, Brazil, and Africa.

Jenny holds a B.A. in Journalism with honors from the University of Southern California.  She started her career as a news reporter in Los Angeles, covering gritty urban crimes and investigating the inner world of street gangs.

In her spare time, Jenny volunteers in prisons in her native San Francisco and at schools in developing countries, empowering young women to change the story of their lives.  She believes first impressions count, but so do second chances.

As the daughter of an immigrant, Jenny listened to her father recount how he proudly sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge in search of the American dream with little more than hope in his pocket.  She likes stories with moxie and unexpectedness and a good chuckle, and has come to learn from her own personal heartache that loss and disappointment are sometimes the best teachers.

A world explorer, Jenny is always game to add ink to her passport pages but also delights in discovering local gems right in her own neighborhood.  She once worked on a cruise ship and at resorts across the Caribbean.  Happiest in the water, Jenny is a swimmer and most likely was a mermaid in a former life.

What’s your story?