“When we treat Millennial's like our babies, we breed babies and have to deal with them.”

Do your parenting actions fit your goals with your kids or grandkids, no matter their ages? Dr.Jody Kussin, Ph.D., can help you with that. She’s a Clinical Psychologist and Author with 30 plus years of experience, working to help strengthen relationships for individuals, couples, families, schools, and communities. But parenting is her sweet spot, and she’s trying to help grownups deal with kids who are filling them up while sucking them dry. Her book, “Catch Them Being Good: A Guide to Positive Parenting,” was adopted by the LA County Department of Mental Health as a Parenting Model through the 90s; she’s worked in executive leadership and management positions in LA and Ventura Counties. Dr. Kussin’s a highly-sought-after consultant to schools and agencies looking to enhance relationships and communication, and we think she’s got some valuable wisdom to share. Dr. Kussin just opened a private practice in LA’s San Fernando Valley and is super-committed to healing and helping kids, especially millennials, build character and overcome the coddling that’s keeping them from growing into responsible adults.

She believes parents have to learn how to let their kids fail, applying her unique, no nonsense approach, along with her professional skills, wisdom, and experience to her Psychology of Parenting Workshops and Circles at Campowerment. You don’t have to be a mom to benefit from Dr. Kussin’s expertise. If you deal with kids of any age, you won’t want to miss her.