“Eat real food!”

Rachel Brown is the co-founder of The Wellness Project NYC, a creative corporate wellness initiative designed to support others in making attainable food and lifestyle choices that will fully nourish them in mind, body, & spirit.

A Licensed Holistic Health + Nutritional Counselor, this born-and-bred New Yorker, along with her biz partner Sarah (see below) teaches realistic ways to get healthy, and while that usually means cutting out nasty hydrogenated oil from your diet, she’s quick to remind us that getting down with a little yoga and meditation, and allowing yourself a margarita (or two), is OK too.

Rachel lives with her hubs (whom she met at sleepaway camp!) in Brooklyn.


Originally from Atlanta, Sarah Jacobs became a Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor after being diagnosed with a chronic illness, due to an autoimmune disorder. She studied ways to help cure herself and now helps others as the of co-founder of TWPNYC (see above). Sarah’s online programs and coaching at Smart-Mouthed.com are blowing up!


You’ll love these two: their approach to nutrition and wellness is simple and accessible, entertaining and enlightening.

At Campowerment Rachel + Sarah will dive into holistic health hacks, honing in on things you can do starting now and what to be more aware of. They will educate you and help you make some legit and attainable lifestyle shifts.

Rachel and Sarah know that health is more than just a number on a scale and by working with human psychology and physiology, instead of against it, their holistic wellness approach will impact your lifestyle.