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Meet Campowerment Experts
Health + Wellness
“Om bolo Sat Guru Bhagvan ki…Jai! 'Bowing down to the greatest teacher, inside of your own heart…victory to that!”

Alyson Khan

Yogi Trailblazer
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“You can’t have a thought about the present moment, you can only have an experience of it.”

Anne Sussman

Meditation Instructor + Mindfulness@Work Trainer
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“Everyone - even my dog, who's training to be a therapy dog - needs a growth plan.”

Chia Chia Sun

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“Meet you where you are. See you on the mat!”

Cindy Pearlman

Yoga Instructor
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“I think of myself as a happy drill sergeant. No quitting allowed on my watch.”

Courtney L. Alexander

Trainer + Fitness Instructor
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“Becoming your own chief medical officer is a huge part of self-care. Patient wisdom is essential for optimum health.”

Cynthia Ambres

Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist
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“Self-love is about acceptance and seeing yourself as the gift you are.”

Dana Perri

Celebrity Trainer
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“Healthy cooking mushroomed into healthy living. I encourage people to make that connection: how you eat is how you live.”

Dana Slatkin

Chef + Author
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“Give to the food and the food gives back.”

Debra Borden

The Sous Therapist
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“Self-mastery with yoga, breath + meditation helps you feel like and become a better person today than you were yesterday.”

Debra Heslin

Wellness Coach
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“Turn off your music + TV; listen to yourself and your environment. The space between the sound can be the most powerful.”

El Larson

Sound Practitioner
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“Learn to take the heat, and welcome to my kitchen!”

Eliana Wittels Goldman

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“It’s time for patients (the silent majority) to have a voice in healthcare...a loud, strong and system-changing voice.”

Erika Schwartz, M.D.

Internist + Medical Pioneer
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“I believe that our work here is to return to authentic, unconditional love.”

Erin Ward

Yoga Instructor
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“Start with a puja, a sacred space, where you practice reverence to whatever it is you care about in this time. ”

Heather Berg

E-RYT Yogi
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“I feel like it's my duty at this phase in my career, to express who I am and have people bake without intimidation.”

Hedy Goldsmith

Pastry Chef
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“Everyone has a right to protect themselves. I'm on a mission to help teach how.”

Kelsey De Santis

Fitness Expert
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“By moving with intelligence, creativity, and joy - we move better.”

Lauren Padula

Yoga + Fitness Insctructor
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“Yoga is my saving grace, my outlet, but more importantly - my inlet - it enhances everything for me.”

Lindsey Valdez

Yoga and Meditation Instructor
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“It's time we recognize prevention of cancer will be our most effective cure.”

Maggie DiNome, M.D.

Chief of General Surgery at Saint John's Hospital
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“I'm here to share two fundamental truths: 1. You are not alone and 2. You are enough.”

Maria Loida

Yoga and Meditation Teacher
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“It's not about what's on your table, it's about who's sitting at it.”

Melissa d’Arabian

Celebrity Chef
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“44% of adults say their sleep has gotten worse over the past 5 years. Let me tell you why.”

Michael Breus, Ph.D.

Doctor, Sleep Specialist
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“Walking is not for wimps!”

Michele Stanten

Walking Coach + Journalist
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“Motivating others to be their best selves through exercise brings me crazy joy.”

Mychal Ertel

Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
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“There's no one way to work out, so why not try them all?!”

Penny Sorensen

Group Fitness Instructor
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“Eat real food!”

Rachel Brown & Sarah Jacobs

Holistic Nutritional Counselors
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“The more relaxed you are, the more flexible you become. Learn to bend so that you don't break.”

Sarah Vaynerman

Yoga Instructor, Corporate Wellness Entrepreneur
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“Your body speaks its truth to you, and once you can access what it’s saying, you can use that intelligence to transform your life”

Scott Picard

Embodiment and Relationship Expert
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“Sweat. Dance. Be excited about waking up every day.”

Selena Watkins

Dancer, Fitness Instructor
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“Mixing business and medicine can get very tricky, and I want to make sure that women are always informed.”

Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, M.D.

OB/GYN ("Zen Gyno")
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“Sound changes everything.”

Tasha Blank

DJ, Coach + Movement Catalyst
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“Pay attention to ALL the moments in your life regardless of what your brain tells you and squeeze the juice out of each one!”

Ted McDonald

Yoga Instructor, 5 Point Yoga
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“On the mat is one of my favorite places in the whole world.”

Tobi Acklen

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“There's nothing that a good laugh, some beach time, and Stevie Wonder can't fix. Let's move through it.”

Zoë Welch

Fitness Instructor
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Way-Fun Fact #32
We’re constantly told you don’t get what you want at Campowerment; you get what you need, even if you have no idea yet what that is…