“For anyone diagnosed with cancer, experience the emotions, learn lessons, then move on. Don't buy real estate on that land!”

She’s an Author, Educator, four-time-emmy-award-winning PR Executive/TV Producer and Breast Cancer Survivor who is intensely dedicated to keeping the world’s glass half-full. She created Positively Pat, a health and wellness community, to carry out those commitments after authoring, “The Cancer Dancer: Healing One Step at a Time,” a guidebook for Breast Cancer patients and their caregivers. In 2012, it become an Emmy-award-winning Discovery Channel documentary that helped thousands of women across the globe turns lemons in to lemon drops! Rewind to 2005, and Pat co-authored a Harper Collins-published book with Campowerment’s CEO Tammi and 3 other incredible women called, “Dish & Tell: Love, Life and Secrets by the Miami Bombshells.” At Campowerment, Pat delivers the simple message that “Joy is a Choice,” and shows us how to flip the switch so we can live that mantra, too.