Danielle is a self-taught chef who fell in love with cooking when her grandmother first shared her secret to crafting the perfect blueberry pie.

She believes that cooking and sharing a meal is one of the best gifts you can give (or receive!), and that delicious and nourishing food should be accessible to all.

Danielle is well-versed in whipping up everything from quick 30-minute weekday dinners to 3-course creations designed to impress, and anything in between. She offers effortless modifications for all dietary needs, and delights in crafting customized virtual cooking sessions for groups of any size.

Danielle is also a passionate storyteller and has crafted marketing campaigns for popular restaurant, food and beverage brands. In her experience working with everything from bone broth to beer, she’s learned that the one thing that truly matters most in any kitchen is creativity. She currently works as the US Brand Marketing Manager for Lindemans Brewery, and loves coming up with creative beer and food pairings for herself and others.