“'We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are.'”

As the proud, single mother of 3 young adults with unique experiences, Diana has learned to ride the waves of her unexpected journeys without letting the water sink her ship.

She has learned many parenting and life lessons from these experiences, including the struggle to maintain pride and dignity as your life veers off the path that everyone else in the community seems to follow.

But let’s not discount her full slew of degrees & certifications: she’s also a CPC, ELI-MP and MSEd!

Giving herself reiki before opening her eyes every morning for 4 years has added to Diana’s ability to feel healthy and balanced, no matter what life is throwing at her. What’s become a spiritual practice, giving her the space and time to set daily intentions and start the day with gratitude, is only enhanced when she gives reiki to others.

As a certified life coach, Diana inspires others to envision and then create their most fulfilled lives, no matter what is going on in their lives. She partners with clients in a nonjudgmental, safe space as they are empowered to dream and remove limiting obstacles, taking control of their lives in very manageable ways. To be with someone as they feel the thrill that comes when they experience the personal shift is an honor.

Diana’s annual Dare to Dream Vision Board Retreats provide clarity around which intentions to set for the new year and how to reach them. Her (brand new!) husband was the first to recognize that he was conjured up from her vision board!

Diana finds purpose in being an inspirational speaker, educating others and advocating for trans rights as she shares her own unique, personal story. Additionally, she supports trans/non-binary kids and parents of trans/non-binary kids. Helping to create a world that is safe for people of every and no gender is of utmost importance to her.

Diana also fervently hopes that one day that the stigma around substance abuse and mental health issues in families will be removed and that we’ll all be able to share and connect with each other.

Diana shares much of this in her blog, changingmymindset.com, which is a window into Diana’s life and thoughts.

She is eager to meet the Campowerment community (YOU!), she’s ready to be vulnerable with you, and hopeful about changing our world through awareness, one camper at a time.