“Art is the language of the soul; it connects us when words cannot.”

For over a decade, Jules Rose has brought inspiration and eccentric imagery to the world as a professional artist. Making art, whether it’s street photography, analog collage, or documenting the movers & shakers of the 21st century, is their sole purpose on Earth.

Jules has overcome many obstacles in their career and life- from experiencing homelessness, to forming their own creative company, to coming out as Non-binary; these hurdles have brought distinct and fluid narratives to their work which has inspired people across generations and identities.

Jules Rose is a fourth generation entrepreneur- growing up working class has taught them the value of being passionate in what you do, and the determination to accomplish it. They view everyday as a learning experience, a chance to be curious about life and what they can create from it. Jules has been teaching collaging and photography for over 3 years.

Whether you’re making art for the first time, or the 100th time, their inherent energy creates a safe space for others to explore and conceive their artistic ideas. Jules is overjoyed to step back from behind the camera and become an expert in Campowerment’s digital community. Their hope is break down the stigma of “I can’t make art…” to bring the bliss of creating with no expected outcome or judgment from the maker; to simply create with intention and inspiration from the soul (even if it’s just for yourself!)

Aside from being an artist, Jules is an active member in the LGBTQ+ community, loving child, sibling, and friend.