“Be the story you're here to tell.”

Leah Komaiko is a  story and brand specialist who is also, uniquely, the author of 20 popular and bestselling books for children including the modern classic, “Annie Bananie.”

Leah got her first client when she discovered a valuable connection between a favorite bedtime story and a beloved brand.  She shows businesses of all sizes how to take their story, humanize their business, delight clients and build relationships that last.   

Leah has worked with companies including McDonald’s, Mattel, Liz Claiborne and Disney. She helped a client get a big deal on “Shark Tank,” and another clarify their story for sale to Estee Lauder.  She also helped a global law firm, The Pew Charitable Foundation, an Olympic athlete and ”Camp Unleashed,” a first summer camp for Dogs and their owners.

Leah’s work has been featured in Forbes, Los Angeles Times and on national television. She is the author of a bestselling memoir, “Am I Old Yet?” bought by Hollywood.
She has spoken to tens of thousands of people including lots of children in schools across the country), creative agency conferences and industry events.

Of Leah, Actress/Producer/Author Jamie Lee Curtis says, “Leah’s creativity has inspired me for years. She knows story and what it takes to turn yours into a brand that sticks.”

She’s excited to meet you here at Campowerment!