“Notice inspiration everywhere, and accept that everything you create can be art to someone.”

Marina grew up in Los Angeles, where her earliest art influence came from her architect parents. Marina is one of five children, all of whom are artists, architects, photographers, or a combo of these.

Marina received her B.F.A. from Tufts University and attended four years at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School, and received a diploma in Civilization and Language Studies from the Sorbonne in Paris, France..

Professional experience includes figure skating, interior design, event and wedding coordination, floral design, teaching, wearable art design, window design, art for movie and TV sets, and colorization consultant for the Walt Disney Company. Presently, Marina’s company “Marina Artiste” produces, creates, educates & works with a variety of private & public clients, showcasing and selling her line of artwork and lifestyle imaging. Chronicle Books published Marina’s book, “Little Feet” and has a card line of her images.

Marina’s been a catalyst for colorful thinking for Campowerment’s Chief Empowerment Officer Tammi Leader Fuller, and so we’re bringing her to camp to inspire more meaningful difference in the lives, thoughts and expressions of Campowerment Campers!