“Make the most of your time working on your business - not in it.”

Business Mentor Laura Gisborne is passionately dedicated to co-operative entrepreneurism. She’s an award-wining author, talk show host and risk-taking innovator who launched her first successful business at age 23 and followed that with eight more start-up successes (including several multi-million dollar enterprises).

The innovative business model of her company, Limitless Women, exemplifies that companies can be both profitable and purposeful. To date the Limitless Women community has raised over $400,000 for charities. Through their initiatives, thousands of women and children are receiving regular contributions in multiple countries across 5 continents.

For the Campowerment community, she speaks from a platform of how to stop the spinning. Laura takes that “up against the clock” feeling head-on and teaches us how to lift ourselves out of overwhelm and get “Fast Focus” to move from surviving to thriving.