“Disrupting our invisible rules to bring joy and live a life on fire.”


Amber J Lawson was living (what looked like) her best life! Walking red carpets, presenting on international stages, making lots of money, with a leadership voice in the boardroom. With all of this she still felt like something was missing. But she just didn’t know “how to” fix it or even what “IT” was (because trust me, if she did, she would have attacked it!). And really, “how dare she ask for more,” Sound familiar? Amber J had followed the rules, so why wasn’t she happy – damn it!

In the back of a limo, leaving an Oscar party, a client asked her to take a leadership program. Amber J said yes! Little did she know, in that moment, everything changed. She found what she didn’t know she was missing. Her truth. Learning to tune into her intuition, opening her heart, and sharing her authentic self. From that place she accessed everything in order to bring her authentic, loving, brash, loud, funny and free style of a Woman on Fire, living your purpose.

As a recovering, “Rule Follower” Perfectionist, do it by myself or it doesn’t count gal, Amber J went to the highest levels of emotional intelligence training in search of and was eventually awarded a Ph.D. in EQ facilitation. Using the wisdom, exercises and processes gained through her studies she has facilitated the transformation of many lives.

Over many years-long transformational journey, Amber J discovered many tools and experiences that she filtered down into a process that became her signature SPARC system that ignites the next chapters of her Woman on Fire Mastermind. Woman on Fire was designed to support her powerful entrepreneurial career mama sisters who need help tapping into new areas of their life. What all of these women had in common was following invisible, societal or familial rules. Amber J facilitates breaking free of these constraints and tapping into your true desires, the true chapter of YOU.

Through her heart opening, healing, revealing, tactical and outrageous style Amber. J supports women in identifying what they want and she will support you as you work these new muscles and hold you accountable to live this season of YOU!
Oh she also has a podcast (who doesn’t) and an 11 year old pug named Leo J. Tolstoy Lawson, her favorite color is hot pink (obviously:))