“I believe everyone has some magic to them.”

Anna’s a NYC-based clairvoyant, reiki healer, medium, tarot card reader and teacher whose psychic work “revolves around helping people get where they want to go in their life, clarifying their emotional soup, identifying obstacles, and offering solutions.”

The Campowerment Crew found Anna after reading her interview with the blog from Space Ninety 8, an Urban Outfitters activation hub, we weren’t just intrigued by what she does. When we connected, she hooked-and-sank us with her exuding passion for the how and the why she does it.

She spent much of her life ignoring her gut feelings, until she came to terms when they “just kept knocking with this message: ’hey, girl, when are you going to wake up and deal with us?,” that’s when Anna ditched her decade-long TV career, and almost immediately, her tarot reading side-hustle eclipsed her full-time gig.

At Campowerment, Anna will help Campers discover how to connect to the spiritual practices that are available to them, which, she promises, can have a practical, helpful place in our day-to-day. She’s stoked to dispel the myths that make intuition feel inaccessible and to help strengthen Campers’ connections to ourselves and what we really want to get out of this life.

She’ll be leading Workshops and booking private, one-on-one sessions this September 14-17 in the Poconos.

P.S. Anna says, “I can’t necessarily tell you when you’ll get married but I can tell you how you can walk the path to marriage and feel really good on that path. I can also tell you when no: you should not text that dude.”