“Keep releasing what's not yours.”

Over the last twenty years, Kathy has been expanding her psychic talent and sensitivity, studying with a number of gifted teachers at the Church for Spiritual Awareness, Berkeley Psychic Institute and the Order of Ascended Roses. Outside of camp, Kathy gives readings and teaches classes at the Omega Wellness Center, Woodstock Wellness Center, and privately. Her practical nature led her to create psychic reading techniques that provide both important information and energy balancing in one session.

At Campowerment, Kathy is sharing her gift with us through Workshops about working with energy to create the life you want, *and* she is making herself available for one-on-one readings (a plus-up to camp that can be booked at check-in when ya get there!). We dig her readings because they release energy that may be literally blocking you from achieving a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit. By clearing that negative energy, you will be able to continue pursuing and achieving your highest dreams. You just may leave camp being and feeling more like YOU!