“Transform your self concept, and everything adjusts to match.”


Founder + owner of Makaristic, Lauren works with women and BIPOC, helping them heal from limiting beliefs, generational cycles & trauma-based survival patterns.

Drawing from a wealth of specialized training, research, personal experience, and intuition, she blends hypnosis, energy work, tarot, and other metaphysical practices to uniquely catalyze clients towards rediscovering their purpose, joy, and freedom.

Lauren came into this work the way that many of us do – through her own quest for healing. After successfully employing these techniques to overcome depression and completely transform her life for the better, she now helps others to do the same.

Certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), Usui Reiki, and Angelic Energy Healing, her mission is to reconnect her clients to their natural state in which anything is possible. She is so excited to share her gifts with the courageous women of the Campowerment community, and is honored to be a part of your journey back to Who You Are.