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Meet Campowerment Experts
“Instead of ‘I have to,’ try ‘I get to.’ Using the right words can radically transform your life and business.”

Alicia Dunams

Author, Business Coach + Author Trainer
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“I mastered the universal laws of success and created a repeatable methodology that I call the 'Manifestation Matrix,' and now I teach that to people so that they can have an unstoppable life...”

Amira Alvarez

Business Coach; Founder, The Unstoppable Woman
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“Let this be your mantra: For now. Everything is subject to change. Go with the change rather than fighting it.”

Barbara Palmer

Top Broad, Broad Perspective Consulting
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“Maybe you don't need a better idea. Maybe you need to sell them better.”

Bob Wiesner

Founder, Wiesner Consulting Group
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“True innovation is a process that starts with finding unlikely partnerships that are not native to your own domain.”

Chris Denson

Host, Innovative Crush (Podcast)
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“What if what's standing in your way of having the most epic, inspired life and career is not what you think?”

Chrisa Z. Boyce

Executive Coach
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“Don't wait for plans to be polished or perfect. Take sloppy, rapid action. Let your trusted advisors contribute to you.”

Dawn Andrews

Business + Life Strategist
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“A family culture of giving is not about money donated, but simple acts of charity + thoughtfulness instituted together.”

Diana Polack

Creative Facilitator
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“Our beliefs about money make as big an impact on our prosperity as what we actually do for a living.”

Ellen Rogin

CPA + Abundance Activist
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“When you can fully understand your choices, and not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, the journey to wherever you’re going is going to make you a happier and a more focused human. ”

George Ho

Assistant VP, Consumer Banking + Wealth Management, J.P. Morgan
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“Where you point your eyes is actually less important than where you point your belly button.”

Janine Driver

International Communications Expert
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“It's not WHAT you want to be when you grow up; it's WHO.”

Jeff Hittner

Co-Founder, Project X
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“It's not about being the boss. Inside-out leadership is creating the vision, inspiration, and support needed for success. ”

Jennifer Davis

Leadership Coach
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“Make the most of your time working on your business - not in it.”

Laura Gisborne

Philanthropic Business Growth Strategist
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“When people try to take advantage of you, protect yourself. Building rapport and detecting deception will do just that.”

Lena Sisco

Body Language Analyst
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“The future of our cities depends on our youth.”

Peter Gold, M.D.

Surgeon; Founder, Strong City
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“Would you expect a child to grow without nurturing? It won't happen with your money either.”

Regina Bedoya

Financial Advisor
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“Corporate courage is rarely a solo journey. Rather, it’s a team sport. Make it a 'we' thing, not a 'me' thing.”

Ryan Berman

Founder, COURAGE Brands
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“Don't be aggressive. Aim for assertive. The more you have proof of your value, the less you have to pound the table.”

Sara Zervos

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“If you make people happy, proud, and inspired in who they are and how they show up in every area of their lives, they will produce better, bigger results. Happy people equal happy results, period.”

Shir Nir

Partner + CEO, Handel Group; Executive Coach
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“You can't plan an inspired life. You have to follow the breadcrumbs moment by moment.”

Tama Kieves

Career Transition Coach
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“I left my TV career with two Emmys and a dream: to build communities of happy, empowered people ready to propel themselves forward.”

Tammi Leader Fuller

Founder, Campowerment
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“A positive perspective and dedication to embracing the journey more than the destination is paramount to achieving fulfillment.”

Tyreek Moore

Life Coach, Handel Group Life Coaching
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“Enough is enough: get control of your stuff!”

Wendy Ellin

Productivity Consultant
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Way-Fun Fact #19
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