“It's not about being the boss. Inside-out leadership is creating the vision, inspiration, and support needed for success. ”

Jennifer’s life experience, education and adventures in Corporate America combine with her positive energy in a burst of results-oriented championing super powers. She introduces women to themselves at their absolute best: strong, smart, empowered, and ready to take their lives and careers by storm. She’s passionate about connecting clients to the motivation, inner strength and energy to become even more amazing than they already are.

Jennifer’s coaching, speaking and workshops create an environment of curiosity, creativity and fun that enable improved performance through changes in awareness, perspective, beliefs, actions and emotions. She has helped many high-performing individuals–from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives to Executive Directors–find the inspiration and clarity needed to achieve meaningful personal growth. Her areas of specialty include maximizing leadership and personal effectiveness, leveraging strengths, increasing resilience, becoming comfortable with conflict, and decreasing stress through mindfulness.

Jennifer is passionate about connecting leaders to the motivation and inner strength that allow them to maximize their impact on their companies, relationships, and the world. She has held numerous corporate, coaching, and consulting positions over the past 25 years, including those in brand management, sales and marketing, and investment banking. In addition to working with private and corporate clients, she provides pro bono coaching for United Nations executives, is on the Preferred Executive Coach registry for Stanford Business School alumni, and delivers coaching to Word Economic Forum executives and fellows in their Global Leadership Program. Jennifer received an MBA from Stanford, a BA from Tufts, and is certified by the International Coach Federation (PCC) and The Coaches Training Institute (CPCC).

Her core values of authenticity, creativity and fun are always at play in her work…and now she’s coming to Campowerment to play with her work. (Go figure!)