Lots’a folks are asking…

What actually *is* a Campowerment retreat?
Campowerment retreats are 4-day adult sleepaway camps, strategically designed to empower grown-ups to get kid-happy. We pop up at kids’ summer camps — tucked into nature — when the kids are busy livin’. Every retreat across the country creates a community, born of unique, shared experiences through expert-driven programming on health, wellness, happiness, positive psychology, parenting, spirituality, business empowerment and beyond. And the best part? Everything’s wrapped in fun & games!

Where are Campowerment retreats?
We take over gorgeous camp locations on both coasts! Our custom programs pop up at other private, breathtaking spots around the country when the right groups call. Want to create a custom program with us? Let us know.

Why should I come Campowerment?
Because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and there’s nothing more “worth it” than living beyond your wildest dreams, floating home with a more authentic version of yourself, cool new connections, and a game plan to re-ignite your life. If you like laughing or learning or loving or simply feeling alive, you’ll love Campowerment. Pinky promise.

How ‘bout Campowerment for men?
While our consumer-facing experiences are girls-only (for now), we build custom experiences for groups, companies & organizations committed to investing in its people…guys & gals alike. Based on your goals, we ce invent all kinds of sleepaway-camp-inspired experiences to generate perspective, positivity and a powerful sense of community for you & yours. Contact us about custom programs to learn more.

Who comes to Campowerment?
Our Campers range in age from 21* to 83 (for real) and they take planes, trains & automobiles from all ends of this Earth to come together and create a one-of-a-kind micro-community where everyone is rooting for each other and living like today is all we’ve got. Some are top Hollywood executives; others recent college grads; USPS employees; entrepreneurs; police officers; thrill-seekers; full-time moms; first-time managers; bloggers…they’re all over the map. Actually, it’s kind of the best networking on the planet: because nobody** is allowed to say what she does for a living for the first 24 hours, so we get real personal, real quick! By the end of the weekend, we’ve built ourselves a powerful network, through conversation about who we actually are, not who our titles make us believe we’re supposed to be. Will you fit in? If you’re the kind of human who’s willing to show up for yourself, you’ll find yourself in the right place with the right people.

*All Campers must be 21 of age or older
**Experts not included; we couldn’t find a way around letting them share what they do for a living. Ya dig?

Do most people come solo or with pals?
It’s pretty split, and there’s beauty to experiencing it both ways. When you come alone, you come completely unencumbered. We group you with the other brave souls who come by themselves, and it’s a hoot. (There’s nothing quite like watching a group of strangers meld into great friends over the course of a weekend!) If you bring friends, we’re happy to award you with a referral fee and can either bunk you together or split you up, per your request. We ask, though, that you go different ways for Circles, so you can share freely with people who don’t already know your story. However you show up, just show up. We’ll take care of the rest.

Can I come with a group or host a birthday party?
Definitely. You can even book a full bunk! Let’s chat about the details, and we’ll make some special arrangements, like a group rate or what kind of birthday crown looks good on you. If you have the need for some private space to do business with a group before or after camp hours, we can make that happen too, providing everything you need to deliver. Reach out!

How many Campers are at each retreat?
We usually have 50 campers, 20 Campower Rangers, and about a dozen experts at each retreat. Meet the experts!

What activities go down at camp?
The options are pretty endless. Here’s the short-list: journaling, hiking, happy hours, high ropes challenge courses, hilarious games, cooking demos, dance parties, expert-led workshops with tangible-takeaways, expert-facilitated Circles that open the space to share, archery, arts & crafts, talent shows, competitive Color War games, yoga, meditation, some spiritual stuff and all kinds of workouts (from way beginner to pretty advanced), and so much more. Every camp has its own special som’n and though the structure’s the same, the schedule and spirit shift, so no two camps are alike. Request a sample schedule here.

Am I allowed to just chill?
Here’s the deal: our 3.5 days are packed, but you get to choose how your experience shakes out. We invite our campers to do everything or nothing, so if you want to run to back-to-back sessions the whole time, cool! Or, you may want to sit, stare at a tree, take some naps, show up at meals and hang with your bunk. That’s a-okay, too. There are a few choices each session, and you get to choose what your days look like. Pretty much anything goes when you take the time to put you at the top of the to-do.

Which Experts will be at each Campowerment experience?
We love surprises almost as much as we love to make you a little uncomfy (in the name of shaking things up). That’s why we don’t announce the Expert line-up for each Campowerment experience until a couple weeks before each event. That’s your lesson in trust; can you dig it? If you want a hint of who & what you might get at each retreat & experience, meet our Experts!

What are the accommodations like?
Real talk: though our women's weekends are not set in 5-star resorts, they’re 5+++-star experiences, and after the first night, that’ll be more than enough for your soul. We sleep altogether, by groups of 10-12 in bunk beds of single-sex cabins. That co-habitation — and the belly-laughter that comes with it — is part of what sets this experience apart. We take you out of the comforts of home so you’ll step out of your zone and into possibility. The basics: Electricity? Yep. Running water? Yep, and you’ll even get a hot shower (if and when you choose to take one!).

Some cabins have bathrooms inside the bunks, others are just outside the door. It's all nice & clean. We only pop up at ACA-accredited camps that are out-of-this-world beautiful, so when the sun comes up or the stars shine ever so brightly above, you have everything you need, even away from home.

If you want something more done-up, come to Fancy Camp for our bread-and-butter programming, dipped in luxury.

Can I book a private room and skip the cabin thing?
If bunking in the cabins is not your thing, you should come to Fancy Camp, and kick back on camp vibes with a luxe twist. At our women's weekends, beds are first-come, first-reserved (and no saving for your friends!). Or skip the fuss and come to our retreats at IHC on the East Coast, where there are no top bunks at all; just standard-sized single bottom beds. If you require a certain medical accommodation, let us know beforehand. We’ll make something work for you in the cabin. Hard to believe now, but you’ll thank us later; cabin culture rocks.

Let’s be serious: I want to know about the food.
Grilled cheese sammies and sloppy joes may be campy, but they’re not on our menu, because camp is not just for kids anymore. This time around, we’ve got the good stuff: healthy, delicious, and gourmet-like spreads. Meals are chock full of fresh fruits and roasted veggies, yummy salad bars with homemade dressings, lotsa mediterranean trimmings, surrounded by various protein choices.

We serve three robust meals and a stacked happy hour — where you can have a couple of drinks, with the promise of keepin’ it classy — each day. Plus, there are smart snacks dotted about camp, and what’s camp without s’mores?

We can accommodate almost all dietary restrictions, and we’re super comfy with the vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, even vegan requests. If you’re nut-free, we suggest you come to camp in the Poconos in September; Indian Head’s a nut-free (and fab) facility.

Can I pay for Campowerment on a payment plan?
Sure thing! You can pay for Campowerment in three equal payments, with 3% charge per transaction: the first at registration, and the next 30 and 60 days after that. Payments are automatically made from the credit card used at registration. Registrations made with a payment plan are still eligible for any promo. All payment plans close 70 days prior to the respective women's weekend, in order to preserve payment timeline. More info here.

What’s included in the price of registration?
Each Campowerment women's weekend costs $1,599, and it includes the experience of a lifetime (every time), nine (9) meals, wine bartended at one happy hour, full access to A-list Experts (who become friends) throughout the weekend, a network of wonders of the human world, linens, and some Campowerment SWAG (a bag, journal and water bottle) to use ‘round the campfire & beyond. The buck can totally stop there, but we do offer some extra amenities — like yoga mats, Campowerment merch, and "plus-up" treatments, like one-on-one coaching — a la carte.

What’s not included in the price of camp?
We’ll get you all transportation options, which are a la carte, as soon as you sign up. And lastly, one-on-one healing services, which vary from camp to camp, and become available for sign-up post-registration..

How can I come to camp for less?
We do offer seasonal or flash deals every once in a while, too, and we’ll always announce those to our community first, so sign up to get early access! We also have a 501c3 non-profit called Give Her Camp that grants deserving women scholarships to Campowerment. Check it out! www.givehercamp.org

Can I come late? Leave early?
No latecomers; no kidding! If you can’t make it the first day, come another weekend; we won’t have Campers shufflin’ in Day 2, after the group’s found its vibe. We strongly recommend you stay ’til the end so you don’t miss a minute of the magic.

How do I get there? What’s the weather like? What do I pack?
Somebody’s *excited,* eh?! We’ll send you everything you need to know to get you geared up for your Retreat after you register. If you’ve got ants in your pants about that and need more info before you register, contact us.

What’s the tech situation?
We ask that you unplug while you’re at camp, proposing that you can’t see the fishbowl if you’re still in it…and that phone…well…it keeps you in the fishbowl. That said, you’re a big kid; do what you need to do, just do it away from your blissfully disconnected fellow campers. Wifi is spotty and so is cell service. Upon registration, we give you an emergency contact number to use for necessities, not bedtime stories. We recommend you leave the computers & other valuables at home, as there’s no place to lock them up.

What if I get sick at camp?
Our Campowerment Crew is there to fully support you in anything you need. We always have both a Registered Nurse and a psychologist on site, plus plenty of awesome Campower Rangers (counselors) to love on you and help you through whatever’s coming up.

What if I sign up for a Campowerment experience but can’t make it?

What happens at Campowerment’s local experiences & events (like Mini Camps)?
While we want to hit home that re-ignition happens full-on when you have more skin in the game, we know that life is crazy-busy and you can’t always get away for a night…or three. That’s part of the reason why we pop up in cities across the country to bring a slice of the Campowerment magic to you, sans the sleepover or schlep to get there. We still connect cool women, still bring insight, connection and a taste of new beginnings, and still knock your socks off. Just show up, wouldya?!

When will you announce new dates for Campowerment experiences?
We announce new women's weekends dates each Fall…or when the currently listed dates fill up. We announce Mini Camp dates on a rolling basis. Share your email at the bottom of this page to receive word when we announce (and be among the first to know)!

How do I get Campowerment to come to my town?
While our women's weekends are portable to every region, we love to collaborate on custom experiences, where you bring your peeps and we bring the program, culture and everything else, so all you have to do is show up. If you’re interested in putting on a custom Campowerment experience with your company, org, friends, what have you, contact us here.

And then there are Day & Mini Camps, truncated-but-wildly-wonderful samplings of what Campowerment’s all about: insight, connection, and new beginnings. Day Camps pop up in the cities where our campers are strongest in number, but Mini Camps are super flex. Think you have 30 peeps who would show up to learn more? Let’s bring Campowerment to you! Contact us to share where you live & where your head’s at; we can take it from there.