Campowerment is…

…the transformational playground where women — by birth or identity — learn, connect and grow. Female-founded and family-run, this community is a safe space for women to push past the edge of their comfort zone, and reflect, on purpose. Infused with friendship, life’s grounding lessons and the spirit of the campfire, Campowerment is an incubator for agents of change who, together, become unstoppable.

New! Online community is our NEW digital membership experience – coming this Fall – designed exclusively to empower women from all walks of life to take a quantum leap forward.

And the 1,000 Woman Pledge is our promise to use this launch to go beyond where we’ve taken our community to date…in giving partnerships with incredible organizations like yours.

the pledge


We’re partnering with inspiring organizations that empower underrepresented women and girls. Our goal is to donate up to 1,000 memberships to women who belong here. Matching founding memberships is our commitment to…

  • Collective Growth
    This campaign allows us to ensure greater access to the gift of Campowerment that we have seen give and give and give, to thousands of women. Now, with orgs like yours, we expand further, we go bigger...together.
  • Diversity
    And the magic that happens when unique perspectives come together on this transformational playground.
  • A Cycle of Benevolence
    This partnership is about equipping inspiring organizations with something to give to the women who power your communities. This can be those you serve or those who help bring your org's promise to life. Why? Because we believe those who focus on helping others should know there's a community ready to support their healing and growth, too.
  • Balance
    The ultimate self-care for women who stand for something? Having the opportunity to spend the next year dedicated in equal measure to advocating for themselves and advocating for one another. In this case, more means s'more.
Become a Giving Partner in the 1,000 Woman Pledge

What Your Org Gets


+ To join one Giving Call for onboarding & Q+A
+ To receive a committed # of Founding Memberships to provide to women in your community
+ To receive the promotional assets to participate in the 1,000 Woman Pledge campaign
+ To use the assets that best fit for your messaging to bolster the impact of this partnership
+ To be featured by Campowerment, shared by our community
+ To be welcomed warmly into the Campowerment community from here on in



  • How do I know Campowerment is legit?
    We’ve been in biz since 2013, serving 5K women with live experiences that are dedicated to their growth and connection — to themselves and each other. And through those experiences, we’ve earned more than 1 billion media impressions! So in case it helps this convo along, you can check out Campowerment in Oprah Magazine, on the Today Show (4x!), in Forbes, Fortune, The Hollywood Reporter and beyond. Also, you can comment on our social, and ask folk who know us anything you want to know! Our community has our back, just as they know we have theirs. We hope you’ll be part of that, too!
  • Does it cost anything to become a Giving Partner?
    Nope! Associated with the launch of Beyond the Campfire — our NEW digital membership experience — the 1,000 Woman Pledge is a campaign that requires giving partnerships in order for us to responsibly distribute memberships to women who belong here, but may otherwise not find their way, or find the funds, to give themselves this gift of transformation. So, there’s no money exchanged at any point of this relationship between Campowerment and your org; just membership codes provided to give, get, and give away to women in your world.
  • How many of the 1,000 memberships will my org receive to give/distribute?
    We’ll work out those details together in our next steps, as the total # of memberships given is contingent upon the total # of memberships sold (up to 1,000). Simply put: your team and ours will establish how many memberships best serve the women you hope to recognize. We’ll make a minimum commitment to a portion of the 1,000 complimentary memberships, as well as a range that we can grow into, once we hit goals for # of memberships sold.
  • What are the criteria for the women my organization recognizes with a membership?
    We require that each Giving Partner provides the allotted memberships to women — by birth or identity — who are committed to showing up fully for themselves and one another to create common ground for growth. That’s it, really. We are targeting Giving Partners whose work serves underrepresented people, especially women and girls; how your organization gives these memberships is up to you from there. We know you know how to give, so we are excited to empower you to get to do more of that.
  • Is it cool to allocate memberships to me and/or members of my team?
    Absolutely! Who receives the memberships your org is allotted is up to you, and as your team meets the standard of women who are dedicated to growing together, who are driven by purpose and willing to show up to make this world a better place, it would be our pleasure and honor to have you in this community with us.
  • Why would my organization want to take part?
    To up the ante on how you serve those in your ether. Whether you provide these memberships as a way to say “thanks” to those who work for or volunteer with your organization, as an incentive to get more involved (in whatever way you choose), or as a give away to those who support or follow your organization…it’s up to you. By becoming a Giving Partner in the 1,000 Woman Pledge, you’re standing for women’s collective growth and continued belonging to something bigger, something that matters to them, and where they matter too. You’re joining forces with other incredible organizations and game-changing women who are up to something and stand for each other.
  • In what period of time must my org distribute the memberships we receive from Campowerment?
    For max benefit, memberships should be distributed to women in your world by 10/1/2020, as the Founding Membership cycle begins 10/1/2020 and expires 10/1/2021. That said, not everyone needs to be there on Day 1, as will offer 20+ live experiences each month, as well as provide a library of content and additional 1:1 opportunities, all included in membership, so whenever a Founding Member gets involved is the right time.
  • What happens at the end of the Founding Member cycle?
    Full transparency: we’re taking each big move as it comes. Our commitment is to provide one annual membership per person identified, but our hope is that we can find ways to extend every woman’s membership for those who are actively engaged in their first year. As a Giving Partner in the 1,000 Woman Pledge, you’ll surely be among the first to know as we make each decision of the sort…and so will each of the members who join us via your community.

S'more About the Community
Meet the Experts: thought leaders who run the gamut in what they teach and how. They're all here and ready to learn, connect and grow with every member who shows up to play!

Here, Women Find a Launchpad to Their Next Chapters:

I have been a devoted member of the Campowerment community for a long time, and it has taken me further and deeper and given me more sisters and friends than any other experience in my life.
Regitze, Los Angeles, CA

Here, Women Find a Launchpad to Their Next Chapters:

The sisterhood of Campowerment has saved me.
Jenny, San Francisco, CA

Here, Women Find a Launchpad to Their Next Chapters:

This threw me a lifeline when I didn’t even realize I needed a lifeline.
Bobbie, Miami, FL

Here, Women Find a Launchpad to Their Next Chapters:

How refreshing to up my emotional intelligence AND be seen and understood by women who are both very much and nothing like me.
Lily, Phoenix, AZ

Here, Women Find a Launchpad to Their Next Chapters:

I’ve been craving comfort and connection during these isolating and uncertain times, and these live programs have helped me see I am not the only one!
Gayle, Sarasota, FL

Here, Women Find a Launchpad to Their Next Chapters:

I feel like I've safely been with people during this isolation. It's a virtual hug.
Judy, Nashville, TN

Here, Women Find a Launchpad to Their Next Chapters:

I love how welcoming the community is and how smart, curious and encouraging the leaders were!
Susan, Philadelphia, PA

Here, Women Find a Launchpad to Their Next Chapters:

[Campowerment has] a magical way of connecting everyone, and also making us each feel special and heard.
Amy, Atlanta, GA

Here, Women Find a Launchpad to Their Next Chapters:

And if you’re looking for a community that’s going love you no matter what, you may want to check out Campowerment!
Janine, Arlington, VA