Ignite Real Growth by Empowering Your People.

Create a programmatic launch pad into the culture you want to build and maintain as you grow. Engage, inspire and develop your employees to incite a culture of happiness, success and collaboration, which leads directly to results.

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At a locale of your choosing, from a nature-laden local venue to an upscale summer camp getaway, or lodge, or luxury destination, all the way to where YOU are (or online), our team builds you a custom catalog of offerings, so when your experience kicks off, all you have to do is show up. And leave the rest to us.

  • One-Day Offsites
    Impact begins here, and opens up a world of opportunity to grow.
  • Overnight Retreats
    1- to 4-nights at summer camps or 5-star lodges across the U.S. Long-lasting impact happens here, and catapults organizations into a world of opportunity that begins togrow the moment the gates open.
  • On-Site Programming
    For when you have a location and event details covered, Campowerment brings the game-changing program…and the fun! Mini summits, expert workshops and ice-breaking facilitation, custom-fit for to goals.
  • Live Digital Experiences
    From one-time online workshops to ongoing leadership cohorts, invest in your leaders (current and burgeoning) by offering them knowledge- and community-building experiences, from exactly where they are, now.

Hybrid event producers and culture consultants

You share your needs and preferences, and Campowerment custom-curates options from which you choose your most effective activation. Campowerment catalogs every big decision you’ll need to make.

The Campowerment Crew works with you to build out the perfect experience to create connection and lasting impact at each group experience. We do the heavy lifting to build you the program that defies convention.

Here’s why that’s big news for business
Engagement Improves Performance
Companies that have engaged employees outperform those that don’t by 202%. (Source: Forbes)
Inspiration Multiplies Output
It would take 2.25 satisfied employees to generate the same output as 1 inspired employee. (Source: Harvard Business Review)
Happiness Elevates Value
The stock prices of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work for" rose 14% per year from 1998 to 2005, while companies not on the list only reported a 6% increase. (Source: Harvard Business Review)
Development Raises Retention Rate
Offering career training and development would keep 86% of millennials from leaving their current position. (Source: Willis Towers Watson)
Shared Experiences Boost Productivity
Researchers studying leadership found a productivity uptick of 18% in teams in which leaders fostered shared experiences among employees. (Source: University of New South Wales)
Working with Campowerment Means…
Campowerment facilitates a discovery process that dives as deep as you allow it into your current company culture. Our team becomes a trusted partner in leveraging your experience as a means to achieving your desired business outcomes.
Expert-Driven Programming
Campowerment curates a catalog of experts and topics to meet your organization and program goals and preferences. We offer keynotes, workshops and integration of speakers at the top of their game, to keep your team at the top of yours.
Inspired by the sleepaway camp experience, Campowerment brings nostalgia, games and FUN to all its experiences, turning up or toning down the levels per your organization’s wants and needs. We combine playtime with tangible learning to inspire growth everyone can use for life and work alike.
Professional Operations Management, From Start to Finish
A team of pros who’ve built and managed dozens of retreats will work with you to deliver a program that will connect your employees to your mission, and to each other.
An Idyllic Venue
Our team can do the location sourcing and event management for you. We offer you options that hit all your must-have’s, at options that range from charming summer camp locales, to upscale lodges, and anything in between.
Food Fit for Grown-Ups
No Sloppy Joe’s here! You’ll enjoy an upscale menu that caters to vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and any dietary restriction, as long as we know in advance. We’re experts at delivering top-tier catering services, no matter the location you choose.
A Safety Net for Real Talk
Unlike the conference room table, Campowerment experiences provide a level playing field for all team members to get real, share authentically and build something bigger, together.
Custom Marketing Collateral
We provide templates + customization for best-practice materials so you can enroll all participants and share details and engagement before, during and beyond your campfire.
A Platform for Your Leadership Voices
Campowerment provides a stage for leaders to show teams what they say is real, offering a gateway to trust that has potential to extend far beyond the campfire.
Be the Pioneer Your Organization Needs Now
Take a step forward with Campowerment for Business.
What Clients Say...
This experience firmly delivered on our objective of strengthening the team dynamics with our values.
VP, Snapchat, Content Team Offsite
Off-the-charts experience. Our people became a community.
Manager, lululemon Brand Ambassador Retreat
My time at this summit has been an important part of my role in the company, where I feel valued and appreciated.
Camper, BioMatrix Sprx Sales Summit
The location was beautiful, the speakers inspiring and the organization flawless.
VP, Snapchat, Content Team Offsite
I learned that [during a time of company transition] I am more adaptable than I thought.
Camper, Nestlé WE Lead Retreat
Their communication is superb. It felt like they 'grew up' in our family culture... they got us right away.
Director, Culture + Organizational Development, BioMatrix Sprx
Camp has given me a support group that wants me to succeed as much as I want them to.
Camper, Herb It Forward Foundation annual Leadership Camp
The right people in the right place - up to big things that are worth doing.
Camper, GoodWork Miami Offsite
Attending our Leadership Camp each year has given me the motivation/inspiration to start taking action in my community.
Camper, Herb It Forward Foundation annual Leadership Camp
The Campowerment team couldn't have been more professional, fun, creative and organized.
Client, VP, Snapchat, Content Team Offsite
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