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Pride for Jules Rose + their work to uplift the TGNC community πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 βˆ™ Jun 17 βˆ™ 3 Min Read

Have you been to a Campowerment retreat for women* since the Fall of 2016? Then, you know Jules. Ever seen a photo @Campowerment’s shared on our site, email or social platform since then? Then, you’ve seen a slice of Jules’s gift.

Jules Rose (they/them) is Campowerment’s resident photo ninja, the talent behind the lens of Human Flower Productions and, most recently, a burgeoning community leader uplifting TGNC (transgender/ gender non-conforming) folks in New York.

It’s Pride Month, and there’s a whole lot to honor, unpack, celebrate, grieve and activate around this June (and all 11 other calendar months) in solidarity with our queer neighbors, friends, siblings, children, fellow humans. Today, we’re simply shining bright light on the awesome work our camp friend is doing, which makes us unendingly proud.

. . . . . .

Jules Rose has been focusing on producing queer and trans-centered events in NYC (and hopefully beyond) to create spaces for collective joy, rest, education, fun, and for folks to find community. in their words:

Our existence, and gathering in community is an act of radical resistance. We know that the only way through these hard times is to get through them together.

Via visual and preforming arts we are adding to our narrative and history as queer people, in our own way.

We’ve begun a portrait series — working title: “see Us” — that focuses on the preservation, and accurate representation of trans and gender non conforming folks, [and the process has been unbelievable…for me, those who work with me, and those who are portrayed].

Participants have the power to choose their locations and outfits in the way they want to be represented along with words from participants.

For too long our stories have been mainly told by cis white men, and are usually about tragedy/death of TGNC (transgender/ gender non-conforming) folks, or for entertainment purposes.

We are not just a news headline, a fashion trend, or entertainment.

As much as these can be positive, they still fall prey to the cis heterosexual colonial patriarchy. They fall prey to no longer serving our community.

This project aims to reclaim our narrative and for the world to see us as human beings- regular people who deserve to exist in this world, who have so much joy, love, and care to offer our communities, and the greater good/world.

Preservation means Legacy. Representation means visibility, and a fullness to control our own narrative.

The next event, Trans Prom night, was created to give trans folks the prom they never had or felt comfortable having. We want it to be a night of collective fun, glamour, dancing, and love. Learn more [or s’more, as we say at Campowerment] — on my Instagram: @humanflowerproductions.

We’re taking donations for sponsorship tickets (ticket price is $35) for any folks that may need a boost. If this calls to you, we’d so appreciate your support; our Venmo is @taking-back-our-narrative.


And if you or someone you know wants to immerse with fuller expression in the TGNC community in NYC, send them our way via my Instagram. We’ve been offering events like the Great Gay Stoop Sale in Ridgewood, Queer Camp Day in Prospect Park and the Trans Agenda: a Queer variety show fundraiser. Lots more to come.

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