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All We Needed

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Jan 22 ∙ 3 Min Read

By: Jodi Leader Allen

You know the saying, “It takes a village?” Well, I’m so lucky to have Tammi as the chief of my village.

The years we’ve spent together raising our children were probably some of the best years of our lives. Although we probably didn’t realize it back then. We were too busy trying to be responsible moms to four demanding kids. Although sometimes it seemed as if Chelsea was the responsible grownup in charge.

For many years Chelsea, Courtney, Spencer, and Grant truly believed that they were brothers and sisters…not cousins. They all looked like Papa so it seemed legit.

Being in our 30’s we thought we had it all! Husbands, kids, big houses, the whole package. It wasn’t until later in life that we realized that all we really needed was each other and our kids.

Raising the kids together was an experience we will never forget. Traveling to Jamaica, New York, California, Orlando, Georgia, Las Vegas, and anyplace else Tammi set up was always an adventure. But…Our summers in Colorado will forever be in our hearts! We were so blessed to be able to spend so many summers together raising our “rats”. There is not enough time (or space) to list all of our Colorado memories so in a nutshell…She cooked, I cleaned. We were quite the team! Never an argument between us. We both understood each other so well and had our summers down to a science. We are all so blessed to have had that time together as a real family. We ruled Camp Vail!

Now that we are no longer in our 30’s, our village is still standing strong. We’re still raising our kids together, traveling together, camping together, and loving each other like no one else can!! Throughout my life my sister has always been my rock but these past few years Tammi has been my boulder! She’s still raising my boys and I’m helping to raise her girls. We’re both so blessed.

I don’t think Tammi is thrilled with turning 60 but I am. That means that in only 10 more years (when we’re 70), we can sit on our porches in our MuMu’s, [content removed – not safe for work! Ha!], laughing our asses off thinking about the great memories we have made! That’s if we can remember them!

I love you TaTa and I thank you for always being my pillar of strength! There’s no one else on this Earth that I would rather have shared my life with! ILYMTYLM…BOM!


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