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An Update from Jules, CP’s Resident Photo Ninja

by Jules Rose
 ∙ Feb 24 ∙ 2 Min Read

Dearest Campowerment community,

I can’t believe the creative partnership between me and Campowerment started 6 years ago! Thank you to every single person for your support along this journey so far. Words truly cannot express how grateful I am, always, and today: I am writing to you with some exciting updates.

As of 2022, Juliet Rose Productions has officially transitioned to HUMAN FLOWER PRODUCTIONS!

This rebranding comes as I outgrow past versions of myself, and as this operation becomes more collaborative in nature. This rebrand is a chance to expand more, play more, and exist more as we truly are.

Part of this process for me has been going by the name Jules instead of Juliet! Please call me Jules from here on out 🙂 AND PLEASE BE MINDFUL THAT My pronouns are they/them.

Over the years I have documented your essences, souls, relationships, and so much more. Those intimate moments eternally frozen in time, just a click away. It’s an incredible honor to witness them, and I’m so looking forward to continuing to document your journeys.

I’ve updated the names of my website pages as I’ve updated my business’s name, so my update means you have one, too: the link to your camp photo albums from the past now live elsewhere. That’s why my good people on the Campowerment Crew sent you an email with a new link where your pics will live from here on out!

Nothing about the galleries has changed; you can still make print purchases, single image or full gallery downloads, and share them with loved ones (any links they received prior to this rebrand will no longer work, however).

Thank you again for your continued support and patience. If you have any clarifying questions, please feel free to reach out – I’m now, and btw: available for hire on special projects that you hold close to your heart! Reach out as you think of me.

With warmth and love,
Jules Rose

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