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Org Culture

Because one size does not fit all cultures

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Jul 24 ∙ 5 Min Read

Why we build custom programs for every client we take on

In 2013, we founded Campowerment for women like us — or women like my (boss)mom, Tammi, a 53-year-old Emmy-Award winning TV Producer at the time. Back then, she was developing a health & wellness show with Telepictures (Warner Brothers) by day and moonlighting as a struggling-to-juggle Alpha female navigating life’s next wave.

She called on our family to help her build, and build we did. Our retreat, meant to inspire and connect women through expert-led programs powered by play, did exactly what we intended it to. Naturally, women came together to get real and share and commit to hold one another accountable to the results they strategized a plan for while at camp. They left and would support one another beyond the campfire. (It was exactly what the world needed…and still needs…in the way of community!).

We were energized in a way we couldn’t have imagined by this engine that was bulldozing latent potential and cranking out transformation. But everything we did then was for women. Until a team at lululemon asked us to look within and picture a retreat for their brand ambassadors…men and women alike. Gulp. 

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lululemon Brand Ambassadors, San Diego + Desert Region, CA at Campowerment

We said “yes!” because we like a challenge. We said “we’ll try,” because we value transparency. We asked a ton of questions. I pulled on my background in brand strategy; Tammi: on her interrogation techniques…I mean interview skills…from her TV days. And we customized a retreat that combined lululemon’s corporate education with expert-led sessions, tailored to the way these brand ambassadors engaged with one another within this brand umbrella.

We knew we nailed it on the second afternoon, when we heard men’s laughter reverberating in the hills. We high-fived (seriously), and just like that, our corporate business was launched.

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lululemon Brand Ambassadors, San Diego + Desert Region, CA at Campowerment

For a brand with a goal of fixing itself at the axis of wellness influencers in a target region, a Campowerment retreat was the perfect move. A quick look at their results:

  • 100% of the ambassadors shared that they had more brand love for lululemon after the weekend they shared
  • 100% said they made 7+ meaningful connections in 3 days (More, 83% made more than 10!)
  • In the months that followed, those ambassadors collaborated more, stayed more engaged and not only socialized the lululemon message, BUT, as management reported back, perpetuated its ideals more than they ever had.
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Since that Fall of 2015, Campowerment’s been empowering not only individual people but full teams and organizations that empower people. Because change can happen on a one-to-one scale really beautifully, but paired with a one-to-many approach, the “re-ignited” future looks brighter, faster. 

Now, Campowerment’s business solutions make me come alive because, through experiences that meet orgs where they are, we deliver on the mission-vision-values that are otherwise alive only on paper or, at super committed companies, on the office walls. 

Our retreats and programming offer companies + organizations an opportunity to spark higher output, closer connection and new perspective in its employees and ambassadors.

Yes: we are serious about fun, but we’re serious about results, too.

Because no one person — and so no one team or conglomerate of people — should be living and working with untapped potential.

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Janine Driver, International Communications Expert; Founder, Body Language Institute; Celebrity Lie Detector

Campowerment experiences — for women AND for business — bridge the gap between present performance and full potential. And it’s with an always-on people-first approach, that we customize every solution we provide. 

Here’s How it Works:

First, you choose what kind of experience you want to build:

(1) Retreats and offsites // (2) On-site programming // (3) Live, digital experiences // or… (4) A strategically assembled program that draws from each

We start everything we do with a deep-diving discovery process. We work together to define the comfort zone, then leverage the program to push everyone to the edge. And then expand it.

Schedule a discovery call to talk through possibilities

Sales Executive at BioMatrix Sprx Summit 2018

Every big decision is made from a personalized catalog of choices, starting with location, then the experts who integrate and lead the way…all the way down to activity scheduling, menu for meals and accommodation plan (bunk pairings, where applicable). 

We cover it all, even the un-sexy stuff (like insurance, on-the-ground operations).

Think your business or organization could benefit? We’d love to work with you or a key decision-maker on your team to target your desired results through experiences your people will love.

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