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Becoming the Goddess You Already Are

by Anne Sussman
 ∙ Jun 14 ∙ 4 Min Read

I’ve changed slowly over the past 10 years. I’ve gained some weight, my hair has gotten more grey. I have more rainbow feathers in my hair.  But I realized me at 50 and me at 60 were two different me’s, in one defining moment.

When I saw an invitation to a trip that has been on my bucket list for many years — a trip based on my favorite book  “The Mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley, which tells the story of King Arthur but all told through the eyes of the women in the story who were Druid priestesses—  I jumped at the chance to go. Not only did I jump, but I ran into our den and announced to my husband that I was “going to England, to Stonehenge, to trace the trail of Avalon and to recapture my Divine feminine wisdom!”

This trip was lead by a Shaman and my meditation mentor. We traveled to ancient sacred sites in the countryside of England, visiting Stonehenge and other standing stone circles of lost cultures, The mythical Isle of Avalon, and shared meditation and guided inner journeying amidst powerful sites to reclaim the Goddess within that has been lost in our male dominated world. 

I knew it the minute I saw the trip. I began to vibrate, my whole body wanted to say yes. So I did, just like that.

That vibration probably would have happened at 50, too, but, then, after getting excited I would have thought of ALL the reasons why I could never make it happen. I couldn’t leave my husband for a pleasure trip for 10 days. I couldn’t “ask” to spend the money on something expensive, just for me, that we didn’t NEED. I couldn’t give up those days of work, and the list would drag on.

So what changed? What happened in those 10 years?

I think it was a combination of becoming aligned with my Soul through meditation, practicing  self-compassion with loving-kindness meditation, and learning from my fellow experts that surround me at Campowerment. Through those paths and practices, I came to know, to love and to honor ME — the real one, the one inside who would move to action on the outside.

Even though I was teaching this self-love to others, it was hard to embrace that same self-worth for myself. But now, at 60, I’m getting pretty good at it! I am writing this on the 5th night of my sacred journey. I have been to the sacred stones; I have met the spirit of my maternal grandmother; I have climbed to the top of a mountain on a steep trail that before I had done the leap of faith at Campowerment, I likely would have skipped because of my fear of heights! 

Becoming a ‘Goddess’ isn’t as hard as I thought; it’s truly about embracing all of who you were, are and will be in your lifetime! What is holding you back from becoming the star of your own story rather than being the entire supporting cast of someone else’s? Reclaim your power. Honor your ancestors, Be part of a sisterhood to support your becoming. Learn how to be still so you can quiet the loud chatter of your mind and hear the small voice of your soul. Say yes to making a Campowerment retreat happen! Say yes to making anything that’s in service of what you actually WANT to do — anything that causes a vibration within you — anything that makes your heart beat faster and Soul feel more alive. Don’t wait for slow changes when you know you can make fast ones happen just by saying yes.

Happy 60th birthday to ME, and happy re-birthday to all of YOU who are brave enough to leap into new beginnings!

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