For four days (three nights), 125+ women gather to disconnect from the busy-ness of life’s business and PLAY with other awesome people and a dozen of some of the world’s best experts, in every area of growth.

These retreats unite women from all walks of life (many who would never in a million years have crossed paths) at top-notch kids’ summer camps for each long weekend of absolute wonderment.

What To Expect

Campers ages 21-80 learn, connect and grow, in the spirit of the campfire. Together we become a new and unique extension of an intergenerational, purpose-driven community of women who are bold enough to show up for themselves and for each other.

Like at kids’ summer camp, we facilitate authentic connections at the edge of the comfort zone, where our campers can lean into the safe haven and get real. Campowerment features programming that will re-ignite your life by helping you see life through a new lens and provide tangible takeaways to support your leap from who you are to who you want to be, starting now.

*Private rooms may be available by request

Each Camp Retreat, Women Find...
This is more than an event or conference; it’s a community-building experience for all. Campowerment offers unadulterated access to the experts, who share not only takeaways + tools, but stories and experiences throughout each retreat.
Bucket list: beware. Campowerment’s fun & games bring campers back to a time where fear is a far-fetched feeling, and courage is par for the (ropes) course.
It’s true what they say: Camp friends are the best friends. Come as you are, leave as you want to be, with the tribe you choose to roll with, long beyond the campfire. Our campers are for each other, the way women are meant to be.
Part of what makes the camp culture so uniquely transformative (for kids + adults alike) is the goofiness that instills a true sense of comfort and presence. Unadulterated joy is our specialty!


Re-ignite your life in the space where dreams take off

Campowerment’s Classic Camps for women take residence at sleepaway camp locales across the country (before/after the kids head home!). We sleep in shared cabins* for some earth-shaking pillow talk and belly laughter.

The weekend schedule features holistic programming that rides from peaks of adventure and unexpected fun, to valleys of deep-diving conversations, meant to highlight the shared experiences of womanhood today.

At each retreat, we integrate experts — TED Talkers, best-selling authors, James Beard Award-winning chefs, TV personalities, and a rotating panel of thought leaders who share their wisdom in their sessions, then compete in relay races alongside you.

We do arts & crafts, awesome workouts, archery, yoga, meditation, competitive games (yes; pie eating is a sport), karaoke, campfires, dance parties, hikes and s’more.

Request a Sample Schedule

*Private rooms may be available by request

Every minute of every day

Every minute of every day I am thinking thoughts, making choices and living my life based on the learning and growth that I get from Campowerment.
Phyllis, Los Angeles

Invest in yourself

The best investment in ME that I've made in a seriously long time.
Rebecca, New York, NY

Take a break

My family was fine while I was gone (and it was a really bad weekend for me to go with a soccer tournament for 3 children in 3 different NY Burroughs) but guess what: they were okay, and yours will be too.
Mychal, Westchester, NY

Find yourself

[I came to camp] to fill my desire to meet a smart, cool woman who would inspire me…I found her. She was me.
Carol, Los Angeles

Experience magic beyond words

No words or pictures could ever express what magic happens on those hills [at camp.] I received more than I ever could have known was possible.
Lauren, Chattanooga, TN

Find your breath

I saw my calling. I found my breath. I remembered who I really am when no one else is looking.
Karen, Los Angeles
Campowerment Experts
Our thought leaders run the gamut in their approach to shift perspectives and #ReigniteYourLife!
Your Company Should Send You to Camp
If you’re a woman who would grow from your company’s investment in your inspiration...
Looking for something more upscale?
Classic Camp: FAQ's
We’re Often Asked...
  • Experience: Am I able to speak to someone at Campowerment to learn more?

    Definitely! Give us a call at 818-396-7556 -or- schedule a call HERE. Prefer simply writing in? Works for us – do so HERE. Our Campowerment Crew is here (and happy) to meet you where you are in your process 😊

  • Food & Bev: What’s the food like at a Classic Camp?

    For us, fresh food is a big deal! At camp, we offer fresh food, prepared daily and suited for all dietary preferences you share in registration. For each meal – served buffet-style – there are protein options, something for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free eaters who give us the heads up to be ready for you!

    Each meal is paired with a full salad bar and yummy dessert, too. Plus – in addition to meals, there are snacks and coffee/tea available throughout the full retreat.

    Should you crave a highly specific addition to a meal-based diet (i.e. you are a soda drinker and don’t want to go the weekend without a daily Diet Coke), please feel free to BYO. Have questions? Reach out to us at

  • Experience: What can I expect to find at Campowerment?

    safe haven to get real
    Connection to something bigger
    Sense of belonging to a community of women who are for each other
    Authentic friendships that last long beyond the campfire
    More fun than you can even dream up

    See what that looks like when you request a sample schedule HERE.

  • Scholarship Nomination: How do I nominate someone (or myself) for a scholarship to a Campowerment retreat?

    You can nominate someone and/or apply for a scholarship via Give Her Camp, here.

  • Experience: How long are camp retreats for women?

    Four days, three nights. Each retreat runs the course of a long weekend (Thurs-Sun or Fri-Mon), beginning ~2PM on arrival day, wrapping at ~12:30PM on departure day.

  • Where do the retreats for women take place?

    For camp retreats, we rent and call home to some of the finest upscale summer camp locations on both East Coast (Pocono Mountains of PA) and West Coast (Ojai, CA). Fancy Camps live at luxury guest ranches with the unique and authentic feel that fit our community. To learn more about what retreat is where & when, click here.

  • Experience: What is a typical day like at a camp retreat for women?

    Days run from as early as the 7 o’clock hour each morning to as late as 11 p.m. each night, with a choose-your-own-adventure policy from wake up to sleeptime. Early riser? Night owl? There’s programming for all. Check out a sample schedule here!

  • People: Who goes to Campowerment’s retreats for women?

    Our campers range in age from 21* to 83 (for real) and they take planes, trains & automobiles from all ends of the globe (U.S., Canada, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand). About 54% of them are repeat campers; 46% are first-timers.

    Some are top Hollywood executives; others recent college grads; USPS employees; entrepreneurs; police officers; thrill-seekers; full-time moms; first-time managers; bloggers and beyond.

    Actually, it’s kind of the best networking on the planet: because nobody** is allowed to say what she does for a living for the first 24 hours, so we get real personal, real quick! Will you fit in? Yes: promise.

    *All campers must be 21 of age or older
    **Except the experts

  • People: Can I come alone?

    Absolutely! And about 20% do. When you come solo, we bunk you with the other brave souls who are doing the same, and it’s a hoot!

  • How many women typically attend Campowerment’s Classic Camps?


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