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Campers in the Wild…at Home

by Tammi Leader
 ∙ May 27 ∙ 4 Min Read

If how you show up for one thing is how you show up for everything, then what does this time say about you?

The world’s not always black and white, cut and dry…simple…I know. But what if the way we showed up to the world was a little less complicated…and we could show up as we dream of being? To me, living like that = empowerment. 

The Campowerment community is home to so many empowered people who are bringing light to what can feel like dark times, and we’d like to introduce you to three of them:


…a first-time CP retreat camper last March whose partner Gregg Garfield became LA’s COVID Patient Zero. After being given a one percent chance of survival, Gregg miraculously beat the virus, with his sister Stephanie and his beloved AJ by his side for every step of his 64-day hospital journey (which included 31 days on a ventilator). 

AJ’s gigantic, unwavering love for this man compelled her to call on their “village” of hundreds of friends and family members, to keep the love, prayers and donations coming in, so her guy, who faces more surgeries and lots of expenses to return to a “new normal” all its own, would have a fighting chance to live.  

So far, they’ve raised $200K, and AJ says whatever they don’t spend will be donated back to help other COVID patients with their recovery. Watch their story on NBC’s The Today Show, and click here to prep to see them on the Ellen Showand keep an eye out for these two — the fighter and his coach, AJ, whose light’s so radiant we should all grab shades.

. . . . . .


…who inspired laughter in her own home via a green screen (#KatesGreenScreen) and in herself via a strong sense of humor. Kate, with enlisted cameos by her family, has kicked off and continued with a content series of caricatures that respond to social isolation and brighten some bleak social feeds of those connected to her. It makes us LOL, so we have to highlight her light. Check out some of her appearances in the pics above and below this text 😉

. . . . . .

Hola A Mercedes Soler…

…A former Journalist for Univision and CNN en Español, who came to our Poconos retreat in 2018 to share her spiritual learnings from her many pilgrimages to the Andes. Mercy and her husband Tom recently relocated to Sarasota, Fla, where they now own and operate Spanish language radio stations across the west coast of Florida. When COVID hit, they jumped into action, to help their Spanish-speaking listeners, now faced with home-schooling their kids in a language many don’t speak.

Teaming up with Dreamers Academy, they produced a new, half-hour weekly program called “Nuestros Niños,” which educates Hispanic parents, in Spanish, on how to teach their kids at home. Mercy’s team partners with experts — from Ph.D.’s to gifted teachers in a myriad of subjects — to use both scientific and common-sense info to help these parents understand their kids’ schoolwork. 

After only a few weeks on air, it became a podcast, also called “Nuestros Niños” (check it out!) Gracias to Mercy and her new family business, Solmart Media, for fighting on behalf of these parents quickly, so their children don’t fall behind after losing so many months of classroom time. 

Now is as good a time as any to be the light you want to see in the world. Just because the world isn’t dependable at the moment, it doesn’t mean you can’t be (even when it feels hard to think about much more than what is right in front of you!)

What do you want the world — or your world! — to depend on you for? Humor, guidance, resources, love, kindness? Dare you to take one step in proving that…today.

And if you’d like US to know how this note moves you to action, reply to it. We love to hear from you. (But not as much as we love to connect with you live — join us this upcoming week at one of our many connective programs; check the sched!)

From the campfire & beyond,

Founder: Campowerment

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