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Campers in the Wild – Rebecca Powers

by Christina Billie
 ∙ Oct 13 ∙ 4 Min Read

Hi everyone! I’m Christina Billie, and I’m part of the intern quad of the Campowerment Crew this Fall! I’m a junior PR major at Temple University and here with CP to find and amplify stories that bring this community to life for those who are new here and for those of you who have been part of this experience for years! 

I began by seeking those with unlikely stories of finding their way to Campowerment, or those with a unique path to deeper connection here…which led me to Rebecca Powers, who became a founding member of without ever having attended a Campowerment retreat!

Christina @ Campowerment: Let’s start from the beginning! Tell us, Rebecca: Where do you live, and three words to describe yourself?
Rebecca: I live in Austin, TX.  I’m a dream catcher, alpha female and cheerleader for my family.  

C: Awesome. Let’s jump in. I hear you intended to be at Fancy Camp this year before COVID caused its reschedule. Instead you participated in our digital programs all Spring and Summer! What is it about the community that drew you in for Fancy Camp and kept you here for everything else?
R: I’m a lifelong learner and am currently on a journey of self-discovery.  So, the Campowerment environment feels right.  It’s welcoming, inclusive, challenges my thinking and encourages me to press forward.  

C: And how did you first learn about Campowerment?
R: I saw a segment on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna about ‘Fancy Camp.’  It spoke to me; I immediately checked it out online; and applied.  

C: How has what you experienced so far stacked up?
R: Oh, my stars! While I was excited to join the online Campowerment community, I wasn’t expecting to be touched in a profound way.  I am now working with Alicia Dunams, [an expert] who spoke to our community online earlier this summer, as I write a book that has been in my heart for 10 years—I just couldn’t get it on paper until her presentation motivated me.  I credit Campowerment for making that happen!

PSA: YOU too can sign up to learn, connect & grow with Alicia, in her upcoming workshops on!

C: Another little birdie told me you are a founding member of without having gone to any of the retreats! How cool is that. What inspired you to join, and what do you hope to find through this ongoing experience? 
R: I have watched with amazement as Campowerment has pivoted so, very positively in difficult times and under ugly circumstances.  I want to know other women who are attracted to this culture!  We can learn a lot from each other.  

C: What do you find special about the Campowerment culture and community?
R: It’s special because I wasn’t looking for it when I learned about it on the TODAY Show, and it’s exactly what I needed.  The leaders are uber positive and totally real at the same time.  A unique blend that is refreshing,  

C: What are you looking forward to most when you go to Fancy Camp in 2021?
R: Meeting other women who are on a journey of self-discovery.  Making new friends, too!

C: What do you want other women who have not yet become a part of this community to know?
R: I am a newbie, and I have already been blessed by the online experts who have helped me with personal issues.  Just tuning in and being open to learning has been a gift of inordinate value.  My relationship with my 33-year old son is improving as a result of listening to a session on narcissism.  

. . . .

To Rebecca: thank you for sharing your story! 

To all the women reading this: I hope you can picture yourself in the company of incredible women like Rebecca (and me, my team and so many other special woman who belong here). 

Join us and let’s create the future we’ve been dreaming about, starting now…with!

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