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Campers in the Wild: Shelley Greenspan & Reunions, Everywhere!

by Megan Weissman
 ∙ Aug 2 ∙ 3 Min Read

What happens when a community of empowered humans are living in line with their passions? Here’s a lil’ looksie into the milestones of three  incredible women* whom we’re v. proud to call our camp friends…

Our intention is to not only amplify life’s good stuff, but also to inspire you to see the gorgeousness of the fact that you’re among really…like, reallyyyy…fine folx here within camp’s gates.

. . . . . . .

🎉 Shelley Greenspan’s White House Appointment 🎉

After joining the White House last month as a policy member for partnerships and global engagement, Shelley Greenspan, Campower Ranger (counselor!), is now stepping into the role as White House liaison for the Jewish community.

Sept 2018 campers: You may remember Shelley from her Red team glory at relays, but those on Capitol Hill know her for her work on Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, as well as private-sector time on Amazon’s policy team. Since 2020 Shelley has worked as a civil servant for the State Department and helped lead “Jewish Women for Joe” during the 2020 election.

Shelley said, “I once heard Congressman John Lewis say that to be an effective public servant, you must love people. Serving in leadership roles…has given me a sense of purpose and the opportunity to build a community that actively engages in these ideals.”

We are so proud of our Shelleygirl! Read a more detailed report of how she got to where she is today here…and send a note here [] if you want to send her some love. (We’ll relay it!!)

. . . . . . .

💖 Reunions, Everywhere! 💖

Bunk 14 Reunion in Vermont

A few weeks ago, the famed Bunk 14 of Nov 2019…otherwise known as ATBOF (short for “A Tad Bit of F*ckery) swooped in from all over the country to a small town in Vermont to make some noiiiise and commend an extra-special reunion for Tamatha’s Thomas-Haase’s move back East from LA. They gathered for the week to laugh, celebrate, and enjoy these extra special moments together.

The group even made it to an axe throwing bar in which they were so passionately and correctly named “bad axe” women. 

Need more bad axe friends? Find them at Campowerment.

Leah Kennedy x Anna Sutherland

Speaking of reunions! This month was full of ’em and Leah Kennedy and Anna Sutherland are no exception. The Canadian duo finally got to reconnect after 4 years apart. They met at camp in 2019 and have stayed in touch since!

Sara Alyea x Melissa Schiskie

Sara Alyea and Melissa Schiskie joined in on the reunion fun meeting up for an annual bunk 3 meet-up!

As we can clearly see, camp friends are forever. This community is full of women* you can carry with you and depend on even (and especially) “in the real world.”

. . . . . . .

What are you creating?! What are you proud of?

Your milestones are our milestones, so if you’re doing something big, something that’s pushing you to live in line with your passion, TELL US WHAT YOU’RE UP TO >> HERE!

From the campfire & beyond,
The Campowerment Crew

*By women, we mean: all who identify with the feminine experience

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