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Campowerment Turns 7, and We All Grow

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Jan 13 ∙ 3 Min Read

You know it’s really crazy because CAMPOWERMENT CELEBRATES ITS 7TH BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK (!!!), and we’re, naturally, reflecting on all that’s passed through its proverbial gates, all the magic made, the next steps inspired, the lessons learned.

  • Our first logo is packed away and archived in jest
  • Our very-first location: gone as we knew it, with the fire and the wind…
  • Our Village Elder, who gave our engine for re-ignition its initial fuel and all the love any idea could need to bring itself to life: she’s not here on Earth any longer either

And when jogging back through the files and stories of memories, we gathered this: the pictures were low-res and the aesthetic was (major) DIY, but…

  • The feelings that come up and down and up again
  • The momentum the experience inspires in real LIFE
  • The quality of women it connects for the perfect right-now friendship or for forever

…Those are almost unchanged completely. They struck awe in us then, and they strike awe in us now.

In that way, seven years feels like the longest time and no time at all, as we prepare for our next first: Fancy Camp, coming this Spring!

What is this FANCY CAMP?

The transformational upscale retreat to create connected communities of women who belong together. This Spring brings the first-ever luxury Campowerment experience, with s’more:

  • Quality time with the experts
  • Opportunity to connect with each other
  • Quiet time to reflect while we grow big, together

April 30-May 3, 2020 in Asheville, NC at The Horse Shoe Farm

And this birthday week (now thru Sun, 1/19) get Handel Group’s Inner.U (on us) when you apply and register for Fancy Camp!

What is this {bonus} INNER.U?

The coaching course that gives you the tools to get yourself unstuck, wildly happy, and thriving where it matters most to you: your relationship to your SELF, CAREER, LOVE, BODY, MONEY, TIME, and more. 

It’s a life university of sorts…Handel Group’s digital experience (with lifetime access) that whoops your ass into high-gear integrity and helps you get reaaaaal focused on your dreams and how to get there.

So, start coming for your dreams *before* you get to Fancy Camp.

Apply and register for Fancy Camp ~NOW~ thru Sunday, 1/19 (this bday week!) and know you get both…


That’s all she wrote this birthday, babes. Thanks for all of it. Happy birthday to all of us, ya?

From the campfire & beyond,
Tammi, Chelsea & the Campowerment Crew

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