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Spring Cleaning Starts NOW

There’s so much freedom that comes with letting go: of stuff we no longer need or use, of titles that no longer describe us, of beliefs that no longer serve us.

If you’ve been “hanging in,” waiting for things in your life to shift, perhaps you’ve just been hanging on for too long: to people, to things, […]

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How to Enjoy this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

By Leslie McGuirk

The stars are aligned!  Mercury (the planet that rules communication) is Retrograde from now until March 28th. This Mercury Retrograde is in Pisces, the sign known for being dreamy, sensitive and imaginative. 

Since the fish symbol for Pisces, has them going in opposite directions, it totally fits with the energy of what Mercury Retrograde […]

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Celebrating International Women’s Day


More than 100 years after the creation of a day set aside to celebrate the accomplishment of women, women are getting the buzz we so rightfully deserve.

By revealing and sharing experiences that are uncomfortable, we are finding our power. Oh, the irony. (And guess what: these principles apply across gender lines!)

Though it’s no secret the […]

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Hide + Seek

Sometimes you’ve got to get raw to get real.

In 2012, I dreamed of creating a place for people to grow and get happy, to mimic my childhood summer camp experiences, integrated with relevant sessions to help people deal with the issues so many of us were facing, but not talking about (in fear of what?? […]

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Why NOT You?


I started Campowerment back in 2013 because I wanted a special place that mirrored my childhood summer camp experiences, with some grownup perks built in. An experienced TV Producer who’d overseen dozens of live events, I searched high and low for something like this. When I couldn’t find it? I created it myself.

Krista Parkinson started […]

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4 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Headspace

Before you spend back-to-back days with those who may share more of your DNA than your point of view, we want to help get you into the right holiday headspace. Find peace on the piece of Earth where you live or spend the holidays, and enjoy this time of year with your people, no matter […]

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CAMPOWERTHON: Recap + Re-igniting Offers

And that’s a wrap on Campowerthon, folks! We talked about bringing insight, live, online for a long time, and we’re now 10 Workshops deep into our first foray. Over the 10 days of Campowerthon, we learned much, and now we want to share it with YOU, so peruse on to catch a little spark of […]

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Why These Experts: November 2018

Wondering how and why I’ve assembled the smorgasbord of Experts who are coming to Campowerment this November 9-12? 

It’s not an accident that all these thought leaders are touching on transformation of some sort.  It’s 2018, and we’re embracing change just as fast as we can, but that isn’t always easy.  Here’s the inside scoop on […]

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Journaling for Grandchildren

March 11, 1989

Dearest Chelsea…

Today is Grandy’s birthday…It is my 53rd birthday… A special day in many ways… It is especially awesome because this is my first birthday as a Grandy…My first birthday with you in my life (how lucky I am)… And it marks the beginning of this book…My journal to my first grandchild…

I’ve been […]

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What is a Despacho Ceremony?

If you follow us on Facebook or receive our emails, you know that we just announced our powerhouse ensemble of Experts this SEPT 21-24, including Shamanic Practitioner Mercedes Soler, who’s been quietly a part of this movement since before it came to life as Campowerment. (She co-authored a book with our CEO Tammi and 5 […]

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