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Why NOT You?


I started Campowerment back in 2013 because I wanted a special place that mirrored my childhood summer camp experiences, with some grownup perks built in. An experienced TV Producer who’d overseen dozens of live events, I searched high and low for something like this. When I couldn’t find it? I created it myself.

Krista Parkinson started […]

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5 Brave Women: A #GivingTuesday Call to Action

When the “Campowerment Crew” headed up to Malibu on Thurs, Nov 8 to prepare for Campowerment’s 23rd women’s empowerment retreat, at Camp Gindling Hilltop, we could never have known the deadly and historic Woolsey Fire was just hours away from destroying the beloved camp that was home to 16 of our retreats since 2013.

Thanks to […]

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From the ashes, we will rise…

This community has stood for women being FOR EACH OTHER since it was just a germ of an idea born in Tammi Leader Fuller’s brain + heart in 2012 (pre- camp #1 in January of 2013). 

On her very first drive up to Camp Gindling Hilltop, Tammi knew this was going to be the place where […]

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Why These Experts: November 2018

Wondering how and why I’ve assembled the smorgasbord of Experts who are coming to Campowerment this November 9-12? 

It’s not an accident that all these thought leaders are touching on transformation of some sort.  It’s 2018, and we’re embracing change just as fast as we can, but that isn’t always easy.  Here’s the inside scoop on […]

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How to Start to Play the Game

– Think: where in my life, big or small, is there a hot spot that makes me feel not-so-awesome?

– Ask yourself: What might happen if I took some space, some time, with nothing else to do but this, to really look at what feels like this enormous challenge I’m facing and dig in to assess […]

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2017: The Peaks

Does anyone else feel like some time back in January you took a second to blink and now, all of the sudden, you’re on a train, without breaks, speeding towards the gates of 2018? Yea: we do, too.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the should-haves, the would-haves or the could-haves when reflecting on […]

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Village: Campowerment State of the Union

Disclaimer from Tammi and Chelsea: This blog took us two months to write. Companies *usually* launch stuff and then share it. But we’re a community, so we’re sharing it as it shakes down. Lots of what you’ll read below is already happening, but some is about seeds that are in the process of sprouting. We’re […]

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Dear Campowerment, On Your 4th Birthday


Dear Campowerment,

Oh my, how you’ve grown. When we first met in 2013, I had no idea how many birthdays we’d celebrate together. Someone told me I just had to build you, and fabulously awesome women would come. And they have. By the thousands.

And while I still can’t figure out how we’ve only […]

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Eat, Play, Fall in Love (with Yourself) All Over Again

I was bummed to hear that Elizabeth Gilbert is divorcing her second husband — the one she fell head-over-heels in love with after eating, praying and loving her way across the globe a decade ago. Back then, Gilbert’s bestselling book resonated so deeply with me and my posse of stressed-out, working mommies who hung on […]

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Roll Call: Meet our Interns!

The Campowerment Crew is psyched to introduce two new chicks who knock our socks off. Fam: meet Alli and Laura, our two camp lovin’, creative thinkin’ summer interns! 

From now ’til late August, Chelsea and Lea in our NY digs get the pleasure of bunking with these two, as they hash out big plans for marketing and magic-making on behalf of Campowerment.

Curtain up: […]

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