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Not a place, a feeling

“There are always obstacles and challenges in life and in business,” says Ivy Slater, a business coach from New York City and would-be Camper at our women’s weekend #23, scheduled to begin around the same time the Woolsey Fire destroyed the camp where it was scheduled to take place. 

Ivy continues, “If you take the approach […]

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The Fab 5

When five women stepped out of their comfort zones, hopped on planes and trains from 5 cities across 2 countries to see what a weekend at Campowerment might have to offer them, never did they think they’d return home with friends who feel like family (after 4 days!).

In the nine short months since fate placed […]

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Finding Family: Mal + Heidi

Losing a parent is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re five years old or fifty. Though there is something particularly unfair about young girls losing their mothers, the painful finality of losing a parent feels like a punch to the gut at any age.

And yet…through tragic loss and deep sadness, beautiful connection can be […]

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Happy Mother’s Day: A Note from Grandy

Before Campowerment, I thought I had my life very together. I was proud of the life I had created and the family that surrounded me. But now, I am so connected to so many of wonderful, kind and insightful women, I feel fulfilled in a way had never thought possible.

Whenever I call people, and ask […]

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How A Pink Plastic Phone Changed My Life

When my daughter was five she had a pink plastic play phone decorated with Disney princesses. Otherwise she wasn’t much into princess gear, but this one she loved. She wedged it in between her tiny shoulder and ear and talked while she put together jigsaw puzzles. She walked her stuffed toys out on the street, […]

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More than a Mom: Phyllis Shinbane

When I take my last breath, what will I reflect back on? Will it just be that I was always a mom? That’s a great attribute but…what will it be about Phyllis?” – Phyllis Norber Shinbane on her brave journey to define herself past the title of “mother.”

“I have been a stay-at-home mom for […]

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Bunk 8 is F-ing Great

Written by Jen Schwartz, Camper

I went to Campowerment for the first time in March 2016. Since then, I have attended four more of these life-changing retreats. You could say I’m somewhat of a Campowerment groupie.

They say (and I agree): no two camps are alike, but, for me, my Sept 2017 camp was especially different. This […]

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Celebrating International Women’s Day


Though we hoot and holler about women’s achievements all year long, today, International Women’s Day (#IWD2018), is one more excuse to collectively raise our voices and continue to #PressForProgress (this year’s campaign hashtag).

How do we do that? By challenging bias and inspiring others to take action on behalf of women. By celebrating how far we’ve come. By […]

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Go Into the Woods…and Leave Your Baggage Behind

By: 3x-Camper Barbara Palmer

This is the true story
Of 12 strangers
Picked to live together (in a bunk) … […]

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Ranger Cam: Behind the Campfire @ IHC

Ever since I started interning for Campowerment in the summer of 2016, I have been trying to figure out just what Campowerment is. 

I know it’s connection, insight, and new beginnings.  I know it’s supporting adults (WOMEN) in learning how to live their best lives.  I know it’s taking that heavy bag we all carry on […]

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