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Dare you to…

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Aug 29 ∙ 2 Min Read

Women flock to Camowerment to put themselves at the top of their to-dos, disconnect, recalibrate and map out the next steps to create their own happiness….and we love that!

But you don’t have to wait ’til camp rolls around to start making moves toward living a happier, healthier, and more authentic life.

DARE YOU to try these to get (and keep) your fire burning, whenever + wherever…starting NOW:

1. Unplug from your phone for leisure for ONE day, to remind yourself of the wonder happening right before your very eyes.

Replace the time you’d normally spend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media outlet…AND time you’d spend texting, or even looking things up…with quality time paying attention to what’s going on right in front of you.

Did you only gain 10 minutes? Fine! That’s 10 minutes you can spend learning something new about your neighbor, your coworker, the person sitting next to you on the train, your kids, partner or your local barista.

Tell your closest people the day you’re doing it so they know you’re not avoiding them! And if it feels good, use it as an excuse to pare back your digital engagement and swap it with intentional acts of human interaction (or quality time with your thoughts!).

2. Watch the sun rise and/or set every day for one week, to remind yourself that each day offers new beginnings that we can choose to take.

Mother Nature is a freaking genius. Just saying.

3. Write and mail a letter to someone you value and tell them why you’re grateful to have them in your life, to remind yourself of how good it feels to be share, no holds barred.

Bonus points for snail mail, but email will do, too. Spare no details, add specifics, lay it all out there. And if you have hopes or goals for next steps, state those, too.

Keep in mind: you may get a beautiful note back, or you may get radio silence. No matter. This act is about you giving of yourself in service of something you value. Once you send, you have succeeded.

You may be surprised to learn the wisdom’s that’s already in you, if only you could take the time and take the small acts to remind yourself.



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