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Schedule: Live, Interactive Experiences with Campowerment

by Chelsea Fuller
 ∙ May 27 ∙ 2 Min Read

Campowerment — now & always — produces perspective-shifting experiences powered by play, to ignite a deeper connection with yourself and a community of people driven by purpose (like you!). 

Now, this female-founded, family-run team is cranking up the frequency of programming all LIVE and INTERACTIVE, across holistic platforms (emotional, spiritual, physical).

Join us! All but special events (specified) are donation-based (pay what you can), with the ask that you please pass these along to everyone you know who could grow from ’em. Our expectation is that you sign up for only those you intend to join.

Okay, let’s do it!

Weds, Aug 12

8-9:15PM EDT/5-6:15PM PDT Workshop: Write your Book Right Now with Alicia Dunams, Master Coach and Founder: Bestseller in a Weekend
Info + Sign-Up Here! (Pay what you can)

Fri, Aug 14

FULL!  >> 5-6PM EDT/2-3PM PDT Circle: Redefining Your Relationship with Time with Kimberly Cabot, Life Coach: Handel Group

Mon, Aug 17

7:30-8:45PM EDT/4:30-5:45PM PDT Workshop: How to Have Hard Business Conversations with Dawn Andrews, Business Strategist, Founder: Free Range Thinking
Info + Sign-Up Here! (Pay what you can)

Tues, Aug 18

7:30-8:30PM EDT/4:30-5:30PM PDT Workshop: Preparing for Divorce with Rebecca Zung, Divorce Transformation Strategist and Best Lawyer in America Honoree
Info + Sign-Up Here! (Pay what you can)

Weds, Aug 19

7:30-8:45PM EDT/4:30-5:45PM PDT Journaling Workshop: Exploring White Privilege & Moving into Action with Tammi Leader Fuller (Founder: Campowerment) & Lia Smith (Campower Ranger)
Info + Sign-Up Here! (Pay what you can)

Thurs, Aug 27

7-8PM EDT/4-5PM PDT Workshop: How To Be An Education Activist In This Moment with Laura Patterson, MPA, Education Researcher and Consultant
Info + Sign-Up Here! ($20)

Coming Soon: Beyond the Campfire

Learn more here!

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Schedule: Live, Interactive Experiences with Campowerment

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