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Don’t Be Afraid of Mercury in Retrograde

by Leslie McGuirk
 ∙ Apr 10 ∙ 2 Min Read

Click here to check if Mercury’s in retrograde, or when it’s happening next.

When Mercury goes into retrograde, it seems that many want to take cover. But there’s something you need to know: if you were born during a Mercury retrograde period, retrograde is your prime time!

Mercury retrograde babies make up only a small percentage of the population. They’re the ones whose minds are wired a wee bit differently. Mercury retrograde babies tend to go against the trends, and come up with novel ideas and original concepts.  When Mercury goes retrograde (a few times each year) these people should be taking cues to “make hay while the sun shines!”

For everyone else (those who were born when Mercury was direct), Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down and remember that you can’t push all the time.

Don’t believe astrologers who say you shouldn’t sign contracts or make plans during Mercury retrograde

Find out if you were born during Mercury retrograde. If yes, go full speed ahead.  If not, proceed with caution, but don’t stop living your life! And if things break down, emails get lost, and electrical equipment needs to be repaired, don’t freak out. Instead, realize Mercury retrograde time is a reason to regroup, reorganize, and restore. The snafus that occur are reminders that all sunshine makes the desert.

So, what now??

A couple of ways to keep your head on straight no matter while Mercury does what Mercury does:

1. Know yourself: Check out my book and the website for it THE POWER OF MERCURY. Both have tables  that tell you whether or not you were born during Mercury Retrograde.  It also will tell you about your Mercury sign, which is far better at describing a person than the normal Sun sign approach, which most horoscopes read from.

2. Know Mercury: If things are feeling funky, visit to see what’s happening with Mercury. If it’s retrograde, breathe a deep breathe and carry on with caution, knowing a little mental adjustment to a wonky time can do your productivity wonders.

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Explore and make the most of Mercury Retrograde with the free Merc Retrograde checklist, found on her site!

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