Not a camper? We beg to differ. We’re bringing our 5-star experience to a 5-star locale, for a 4-day weekend to catapult you into the next steps towards a re-ignited life. Get unbridled access to the experts and each other, plus get to kick back to catch quality R&R, for a long weekend that can’t NOT shift your perspective. 

Here’s the thing

Campowerment is not a place. It’s a transformational experience that connects expert-led programming to play, at the edge of the comfort zone. And if our camp retreats are way outside yours, we may have just the {new!} experience for you.


Trade Bunk Beds for Feather Beds

Like at Campowerment’s camp retreats, you will find:

  • A safe haven to get real
  • Connection to something bigger
  • Sense of belonging to a community of women who are for each other
  • Authentic friendships with women from all walks of life that last long beyond the campfire
  • Insight: from our experts, from your bunkmates, from yourself
  • More fun than you can even dream up


  • Double the access to top experts who spend the long weekend with the intimate community of 30-50 women
  • Private rooms
  • Showers all your own
  • R & R built into the program that’s celebrated by thousands of women and dozens of national media outlets across the country


Request an Invite

If enough women request an invite, we’ll take another leap and get’cha dates and s’more real soon.

Location photos:
The Resort at Paws Up (Greenough, Montana)
Scribner’s Catskill Lodge
Join Us in the Lap of Luxury