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Experts! Refer S’more Campers; Make S’more Cash

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Jul 21 ∙ 2 Min Read

What might life be like if we got to interact with more women who were *not* burnt out…who were taking the time to restore, recharge, and reconnect with what matters most to them; who they are at their core; their purpose?

Can you imagine how much brighter life would be, for everyone who those women know, work with, love?

Send s’more women in your life in campowerment’s direction.

Make $200 for every new camper you refer to a Campowerment retreat.

Here’s how:

– You tell the women* in your life to check out Campowerment (in-person) retreats, and should they choose to register, to tell us you sent them

– In registration, when we ask: “How’d you first hear about Campowerment?” They say YOU!

– They come to camp! We pay you!

That’s right: Any first-time camper who registers for an upcoming Campowerment retreat and cites someone as the referral source entitles said referral source to $200 by check within 30 days of her/their first Campowerment retreat.

so, let’s get growing together, ya?! Spread the word and inspire a win-win-win.


Send your friends here to get started


Note: Referral fees not applicable to experiences other than Campowerment Classic Camp or Fancy Camp.

*Any (beyond gender-binary) who identify with the feminine experience

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One of every two campers at Classic Camps has been there before. Why come back? Because every camp is different each time, and, as humans, so are we!