“When you are attached to nothing you are connected to everything.”

Alexa Houser discovered and fell in love with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) after experiencing her own spiritual awakening, which was catalyzed by back-to-back ER visits for an unexplained swelling of the body.

EFT, also known as Tapping, is a quantum self-healing tool that uses percussive tapping on the meridians of the body to process fears, traumas, and all other negative emotions.

Alexa has benefitted from this quantum healing technique herself, utilizing EFT to process everything from anxiety, childhood trauma, relationship issues, sexual shame, money issues and beyond.

In addition to building her EFT practice she is also a podcast host on The Positive Head Podcast as well as her own passion project, Innerbloom Podcast, both of which are about spiritual growth, consciousness, living a positive life and anything and everything metaphysical.

It is Alexa’s life mission to help others receive the healing they need and inspire them to step into their power as the creators of their own life experience, and with Campowerment, she’ll do just that!