“You cannot have a thought about the present moment, you can only have an experience of it. If you are always in your thoughts, you are missing your life!”

Anne “Sussy” Sussman is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor focused on teaching others the skills needed to create a fluency in mindfulness, empowering individuals to be compassionate listeners and sharing techniques for living in high vitality.

Her company, Mindfulness Meeting Place, is a virtual studio that meets you wherever you are to take you wherever you’re meant to go next with a calm mind, focused attention and greater well-being.

Anne offers instruction to individuals, small groups, and organizations. As a certified Mindfulness trainer for businesses with the trademarked MMI-Mindful program, Anne provides mindfulness education courses specifically designed to increase productivity and focus, while decreasing stress and anxiety for small to large companies. Anne is the author of “The Bliss Buddy Project-How Sharing Gratitude Increases Joy”, in which she offers her simple acronym to follow, along with the how and why gratitude practice can be life changing.

Since 2013, she has paired strangers and encouraged them to share daily ‘bliss moments’. Anne believes that gratitude is the foundation for joy, and through this practice many people discover the power of sharing small moments to magnify their happiness.

Anne is passionate about alleviating food insecurity: 10% of all profits are donated to her local food pantry, The Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges. Anne is also a sustaining donor of “Buy From a Black Woman” and “ConBody.”